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About Minot

Minot is a self-contained, calm and less touristic town of 41,000 people, located in North Dakota in the United States. Minot is only an hour's drive away from the Canadian border. A base of the US Air Force is also in Minot. While a considerable portion of the city's population are therefore soldiers or work with the armed forces, some of them are employed in other government offices such as hospitals and schools.

Minot is a pretty cold city. It was also observed that the temperature can drop as low as -15 to -17C in the winter. On the other hand, the summer months are lukewarm and rainy. However, unexpected temperatures reaching 43C can also be experienced in the summer months.

In terms of urban transportation, the townspeople use their own cars and bicycles. Like many rural areas in the United States, public transport system is non-existent in Minot. That's why you are advised to rent a car or hire a taxi when visiting. The Souris River runs through Minot. Strolling along the walking and bicycle path of about 2.5 miles that is found on this river bank is also a favorite pastime of local people. Roosvelt Park and the adjacent zoo are also two local diversions. Here you can see animals and wander around the park as well as have fun in the picnic areas, use the swimming pool, and play tennis. Oak Park also has a peaceful atmosphere with lush landscapes, living ducks, birds and squirrels. If you want, you can also visit the Dakota Territory Aviation Museum and Railroad Museum. An interesting part of the city is the Scandinavian Heritage Center, which houses a 230-year-old Norwegian house and a completely wooden Catholic church. Many of the people living in this area are descended from 19th-century Scandinavian immigrants.


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