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About Sidney

Sydney, with a population of five thousand, is a small city surrounded by farms in the state of Montana in the United States. Economy in the city, inhabited by Asians, Indians, Afro Americans and White people, is based on agriculture and oil in rural areas. Explorations are still being carried out for the discovery of different oil reserves in the city already hosts many oil wells. Small fields with sugar beets planted in the early 1900s are cultivated today in all of Sydney's agricultural areas and contribute greatly to the urban economy.

With limited availability, Sidney-Richland Municipal Airport only operates flights to the city of Billings. The local people, who usually use their private vehicles in the city, also prefer buses from time to time.

Historical monuments and remains dating from the foundation of Montana and Dakota are exhibited at the MonDak Heritage Center.

Transportation to Sidney City Center from Airport


Sidney Richland Municipal  Airport

Sydney-Richland Airport offer service to Northeast Montana region. Within the airport which is very busy during tourism periods; there are free parking area, car rental companies and snack bar. It is known as the most preferred airport for the transportation to the Sydney city center which is visited by many tourists every year. Transportation to the airport from the city center can be provided by train, taxi, bus or shuttle.

Car Rental

Because the distance between the city center and the airport is very close, renting a car may not be the best option. However, renting a car will make you save extra time if you have already determined the places to visit and planned your trip. You can obtain information about this topic from the car rental companies at the airport or rent your car quickly.

Hotel Services

When making a reservation for a hotel, you can use the airport transfer option, which is one of the facilities offered to you, and you can easily get to the city center by benefitting from this service. You can get information about this topic from your hotel. If you have heavy baggage, this type of transportation may be the best choice for you.

Airport Shuttle

The shuttles are among the options offered by the airport for its passengers can be used provided that they are arranged in advance. The ticket prices are between $30 and $44 for the travel to the city center.


You can use the train stations located at the airport to get to the city center. You can arrive at the city center by getting on a train at the airport. You can get off at all stops in the city center or central station. With the rail system you can reach the city center in 12-16 minutes.


The taxis that you can easily get on at the airport enable a great convenience for the transportation to the city center. You need to pay 2.35 dollars per kilometer if you want to use a taxi. Taxis also ask for some extra money from the passengers going to the city center due to short distance between the city and the airport. The taxi is a good option because the distance between the city center and the airport is short.

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