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Number of flights per week56
Top destinationsDhaka
Most popular airlineIndiGo
Most popular airportHazrat Shahjalal Intl. Airport
Flight Duration16 hour 10 min

About Bangladesh

Bangladesh, which is one of the South Asia countries, shares borders with Myanmar and India. It is the country with the highest population density in the world, and the majority of its population consist of Muslims. Bangladesh is one of the countries having the lowest literacy rate in the world. Almost all people live in villages and rural areas of the country. Bangladesh's largest and most developed city is Dhaka which is also its capital city.

Bangladesh has a temperate climate, but it receives heavy monsoon rains in ten months of the year and witnesses frequent floods. Since the summer months are hot and humid, the best months to visit Bangladesh are November, December, April and May. Cannabis, rice and tea are the mostly produced products in the country. Moreover, Bangladesh is an important labor source for large textile companies. Bangladesh's cuisine consists of spicy foods and river fish. Especially, you can try the fish named Hilsa. You should pay attention to choose reliable restaurants for more hygienic dishes.

Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, Lalbagh Castle, which is included in the Unesco World Heritage list, Dhaka Zoo, where you can ride an elephant if you want, Ahsan Manzil, Khanjahan Ali's Temple, Rose Gardens and National Parliament Building are among the places to visit in Bangladesh. There is always intense traffic in Bangladesh. If you need to be somewhere at a certain time, you should be careful about taking the road early.

During shopping, you should definitely bargain because high prices are offered to foreigners. During your trip, you should also take precaution against mosquitoes that multiply in marsh areas formed by the destruction of forests. Before your flight, it is recommended to be vaccinated against malaria, use repellent sprays and wear long-sleeved clothes. You should not drink tap water during your travel. You should also be careful against theft.

There are direct flights to Bangladesh that do not ask visa from Turkish citizens. You can prefer the connecting flights of different airlines. On our website, you can find the best flight ticket price for your trip to Bangladesh.

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