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Number of flights per week59
Top destinationsMoscow
Most popular airlinePegasus
Most popular airportVnukovo - Vnukovo Andrei Tupolev Intl. Airport
Flight Duration9 hour 40 min

About Russia

Russia, one of the most significant countries in the Eurasian, is also the world's largest country in terms of land area. Officially known as the Russian Federation, it shares its vast territory with numerous neighboring countries, including China, Ukraine, Georgia, North Korea, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. Russia also has maritime borders with Alaska and Japan.
With a population of nearly 144 million, Russia is one of the most populous countries globally. Due to its vast east-to-west expanse, the country spans nine different time zones. The climate in Russia varies significantly between the east and west and the north and south regions. 
Russia is also renowned as the world's largest producer of natural gas and oil, and its primary income comes from its abundant underground resources. Russia's climate varies by region, with Siberia in the north experiencing extremely cold winters while the southern regions have milder, warmer weather. The capital, Moscow, and St. Petersburg offer unique attractions throughout the year, but spring and summer are ideal for traveling due to challenging winter conditions. In the cold Russian winters, you can fully enjoy the snow, while the summer months are perfect for exploring historical and natural beauties.
The capital, Moscow, hosts some of the world's most visited places, such as Red Square and the Kremlin Palace, where state leaders reside, and the Grand Ivan Cathedral, which houses the world's largest church bell. The colorful, onion-domed St. Basil's Cathedral is another iconic structure in Moscow. While walking along Arbat Street, which is closed to vehicle traffic, you can shop at luxury stores, dine in elegant restaurants, or sit in cafes. Gorky Park, often considered one of the country's most beautiful parks, is an ideal place for relaxation and strolls on warm summer days. One of the most popular souvenirs to take from the city is the nested 'Matryoshka' dolls.
St. Petersburg, known as Russia's gateway to Europe, boasts magnificent architecture, vast squares, and bridges. It served as the Russian Empire's capital and was once called 'Leningrad' during the Soviet Union era. Often likened to a blend of Rome and Venice, this city inspired Fyodor Dostoevsky's famous novels. Key landmarks include the Kazan Cathedral, the Galeria shopping district, Anichkov Palace, and the iconic Neva River bridges. Discover St. Petersburg's charm through boat trips along the Neva River.
Russia has a diverse culinary culture that varies by region. Coastal regions primarily feature fish and seafood in their cuisine, while inland areas focus on various herbs and red meat. Smoked meat, dried fish, and cabbage are commonly used ingredients in Russian cuisine. Sour creams known as 'smetana' are frequently used in dishes. 'Zakuski,' an appetizer plate, comprises traditional flavors of salmon or fish, caviar, salads, and potatoes. Desserts are not as prominent in Russian cuisine, but you can still sample traditional sweets made from forest berries and jams.

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