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Located on the south-west of the Siberian region of the Russian Federation, Omsk is the second largest city after Novosibirsk. It is about 2 thousand 550 kilometers away from Moscow. There are lots of places to see in this city which has many green areas, especially in summer. The theater, circus, museum, library buildings attract attention with their architectural structures which are very well maintained. Omsk Castle Historical and Cultural Complex, Region State Science Library, Military Victory Museum, Omsk Drama and Comedy Theater, Omsk Circus, ice hockey stadium Arena Omsk, Buchholz Square, Cute Chapel, Babushkin House are among the places to visit. Tobolskiye Vorota is another place to be seen; it is believed that if you make a wish here and cross the other side of the door ricochet your wishes will be accepted.

Nicholas Kazakh Cathedral in the center of Omks city, the Holy Cross Cathedral, one of the oldest temples in the city, the Holy Assumption Cathedral, which offers a visual feast with its lightening, Assumption Cathedral, Omsk Cathedral, Achairsky Monastery, Jesus Cathedral, John the Baptist Church and Icon Temple are the religious places to be visited . You can find modern sculptures in Omsk. The Lyuba Statue, a very beautiful and delicate monument, the plumber's monument Stepan, Don Quixote Monument on the horse's back are some of them. Omsk Continent Shopping Center is one of the big centers that appeal to shoppers. The Tsentralny airport in Omsk is quite big. There are flights to this city from many cities of the world, including Istanbul. City transportation is provided by bus, minibus and tram.

Transportation to Omsk City Center from Airport


Omsk Tsentralny Airport

Tsentralny Airport, located in Omsk which has been a capital for a short time in Russia in the past and is now one of the major cities of the country, providing transportation to Omsk by air is just 6 kilometers from the city center. There are no alternatives for passengers arriving at Tsentralny Airport other than taking a taxi to reach the city center.


As Tsentralny Airport does not have a taxi company authorized to carry passengers, many licensed or unlicensed taxi cabs wait at the terminal exit to carry passengers. In order to avoid a problem with taxis, you can book a taxi online or by phone from Kiwi, the reliable taxi company of the region. You can pay for the Kiwi Company’s taxis by credit card or in cash. It might be useful to clarify the fee before starting your trip.

Weather in Omsk

DayMin - Max
FridayMin 17ºC - Max 24ºC
SaturdayMin 15ºC - Max 25ºC
SundayMin 16ºC - Max 23ºC
MondayMin 15ºC - Max 18ºC
TuesdayMin 13ºC - Max 23ºC

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