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Lipetsk is a city in western Russia, founded by the River Voronezh. While the city is covered by snow in the long winter months, green, with its every shade, is the dominant color during summers. The city has a woodland landscape, and the tree figure is one the flag of the city.

The population of the city, which is the administrative center of Lipetsk Oblast, is about 550 thousand. Economic activity in Lipetsk, developed in terms of the industry, is based on metallurgy, engine and machine production.

Lipetsk receives abundant rainfall year-round; the type of precipitation is snowfall in the winter months. Frost events are also happening frequently. In the summer months, the temperature is measured at a maximum of 23-24 degrees Celsius.

City transportation is carried out by trolley buses and buses. The marsrutkas, a type of collective taxi, are also used extensively by the public and are quite cheap. There is a railway network connecting the city to Moscow. There is also an airport for domestic flights. It is always possible to find a taxi in the city, but it is important to remember that none of the drivers speak English.

There are many parks and green areas in Lipetsk such as Safari Park Kudykin Mountain, Nizhniy Park, Verkhniy Park, Park Pobedy, Galichya Gora. These areas, which include natural attractions as well as a variety of activities, are worth a visit if you need to relax or walk.

Borki Manor Castle and Hristo Rozhdestvenksy Cathedral are the architectural and historical icons of the city. Museums like Kraevedcheskiy Museum, Lipetsk Museum of Folk and Decorative Arts, and Muzey Narodniykh Remesel i Promyslov will provide you with a thorough knowledge of urban culture and experience.

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