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About Volos

Volos, which used to be known as Golos in the Ottoman Period, is a historical coastal city of Greece. The history of the city that was established on the blue coastline of the Aegean Sea began thousands of years ago.

The city is located approximately 350 kilometers far from the capital city Athens, and it is possible to reach the city both by seaway and the airports nearby. The city, which is named after the significant figures in the Greek mythology, has a population consisting of approximately 150 thousand people. The economy of the city is generally based on harbor trade and tourism. Developing increasingly every year, the harbor is among the important trade centers for Greece.  

Sports such as swimming, sailing and diving are highly advanced in the cities which were included in the Olympic Games held in 2004. It is possible to reach the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea from the city, which has one of the most significant harbors of the country together with Pireas and Thessaloniki.

In the city, a mild temperature is dominant in the city that accommodates a lot of ruins from the Ancient Ages, Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Periods. In winter months, the average temperature is 7-8 degrees in Volos whereas it may increase above 30 degrees in summer months. 

Volos used to have many large and old structures in the past, but most of them were demolished in the huge earthquake in 1955. Still, it is possible to encounter old buildings today. The Old Municipal Building, Mansion of Tsikrikis, Greek Bank and Old Tobacco Factory are within the main historical heritage of the city. 

Thanks to its strategically important location between Athens and Thessaloniki, Volos has a very developed industrial and commercial life. The steel and manufacturing sector are quite advanced in the region. The city, which is located in the center of Greece, has not only economic and commercial but also political significance. Many countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and Belgium have representation offices in the city.

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