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Patras, also spelled as Patrai and the third largest city of Greece, is a city situated on the foothills of Panachaikon Mountain overlooking the Gulf of Patras. The port of Patras makes the city an important commercial center. Patras sustains a permanent relationship especially with Italy, the southern and western Europe. For this reason, it is accepted as the gateway opening to the west from Greece. The economy of the city is predominantly based on industry. Activities are carried out in many sectors such as beverage, textile, pharmaceutical and paper.

Patras is a city under the influence of Mediterranean climate. The summer months are hot and dry, the winter months are cool and rainy. In the city where the four seasons are experienced, the spring is slightly warmer and less rainy compared to the autumn. The average temperature in the summer is 24-25 degrees and it falls to 10-12 degrees in the winter.

The public transportation in the city is provided by buses and trains. The nearby cities can be reached by train, bus and ferry. For longer distances, the airport which is located about 40 kilometers of the city center and the ships departing from the Port of Patras can be used.

Patras is a student city with two universities and a technology high school. This makes the city livelier. In Patras, there are many cafes, lounge and restaurants where you can spend pleasant time and night life is also quite lively. It is possible to find a bar or club suitable for almost everyone. Held in February every year, Patras Carnival is one of the biggest festivals of Europe and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to the city.

Patras is also known for its quality local wines. You can see the vineyards and wineries out of the city center. It is possible to arrange trips to these wineries. If you consume alcohol, you can buy local wines as a gift to yourself and your loved ones before leaving the city. Local Tentura liqueur is another alternative.

Patras having a deep-rooted past is home to many remains belonging to the periods of Ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantine. You can reach the historical atmosphere of the old city by walking from Ayiou Nikoláou Street which is close to vehicle traffic and has many beautiful popular hangouts. Built in the 6th century, the Medieval Castle is one of the historical buildings to be visited in the city. An unforgettable view of the Gulf of Patras is waiting for the energetic visitors who climb the hill ahead of the castle and if you choose the right time for this trip, you can watch the amazing sunset. Patras Roman Odeum, about which the oldest records were kept in 170 AD and all historical ruins around it impress visitors coming to see them. Spinney region, which is dubbed the veranda of the city because of the panoramic view it offers, is located on a hill covered with pine trees and attracts visitors interested in nature walk. The lighthouse on the coast, Saint Andrew Church, located in the heart of the city and one of the biggest churches of the Balkans, and Apollon Municipal Theater, one of the first opera building of Europe are some of the important places to be visited in Patras. The city is also home to valuable museums such as the New Archeological Museum of Patras, Folk Art Museum, History and Ethnology Museum, Technology Museum. The white Rio-Antirio Bridge, which connects the mainland with the Mora Peninsula, has a beautiful view of the city.

Except for the festival visitors, Patras, which is generally used by travelers as a transfer point; deserves to be discovered with its important history, ancient heritage, cultural structure and natural beauties. Visitors should definitely spare enough time to discover the city.

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Patrai flights are organized to Araxos Airport.