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Guasopa is a town on Woodlark Island in Papua New Guinea. Guasopa, which was a village with a population of less than 200 people at the beginning, is today the health center of the Woodlark Island with a population of about 6000 people and is home to the island's only airport, Guasopa Airport. Guasopa has only one primary school.

The city on the shores of the Solomon Sea has white beaches and turquoise water. Because it is not a very developed city, you may find it difficult to find professional equipment and tours. But Guasopa is a great place for diving. But it can be dangerous to do so without the local people.

Endemic snakes are common in the city. There are also saltwater crocodiles and giant turtles. Wild and natural life in the region continues. People have been living for centuries depending on their traditions. Guasopa and the island it is located on are especially valuable for those interested in ecotourism.

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Guasopa flights are organized to Guasopa Airport.

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