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Chiba, also known as 'the back garden of Tokyo', is in the east of Tokyo, within the border of the Ibaraki Valley. Chiba is one of the cities in Japan that was almost completely destroyed by bombing in World War II. It used to be a castle ruled by the Chiba family in the 12th and 15th centuries and became a town in the 19th century. Revived with the colossal industrial growth after the war, it’s since become one of Japan's busiest port cities.

Chiba is situated in the rural peninsula of Boso-hanto, 30 kilometers southeast of Tokyo Bay, and is quite warm even in the winter because of the temperate climate from the Pacific Ocean. It’s the perfect weather to enjoy observing the killer whales and dolphins in places like Kamogawa Sea World and enjoying flower horticulture, which is very popular in the region. The artistically landscaped grass, and the rape and cherry blossom at certain times in the year, symbolize the whole peninsula as much as the city.

You can surf or just enjoy the sea and sunshine on the 66 kilometre sandy Kujukuri-hama beach, or simply take in the vast breathtaking views of cliffs and mountains that are offered by the Nokogiri-yama area. Known as the 'holy city of golf', Chiba boasts an impressive 151 golf courses, and unsurprisingly golf is one of the most popular sports here. There are artistic structures around the city, and museums where you can experience breathtaking Japanese culture. You can also enjoy the magnificent Japanese cuisine that is abundant in seafood. It's possible to go to Minami-Boso or Mount Nokogiri to camp and walk in the summer months; or experience the festivities of Japanese culture by joining Grand Sawara Festival held in the autumn, or the Mobara Senabata Festival held in July. The best time to visit the Narita-San Temple is when traditional Japanese temple visits begin in the Japanese New Year.  

Narita International Airport is the closest airport to Chiba. You can use the Sobu train line to get to Chiba from the airport to, which is 43 kilometers away from the city.

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