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About Adak Island

Adak Island, located in the south of Alaska, has a land area of 55 kilometers and is located within the Aleutian Islands. Due to the strong winds and cold, the plant cover is tundra. The endangered species such as Aleutian Shield Fern are only found on this island. There is a volcano named Adagdak Mount in the city. Adak is foggy for almost 173 days of the year and is the largest and most important city of Alaska.

The most important source of living of the city is fishing. Adak has an unusually large and sophisticated airport. There are extra flights to this airport during the fishing season. The city also has a 315-foot dock.

Transportation to Adak Island City Center from Airport


Adak Airport

There are regular flights between Adak Island Airport, which is located within the borders of the state of Alaska in the United States of America, and Anchorage, one of the leading centers in the state. You can take advantage of taxi and car rental alternatives when you need to get to the city center from Adak Island Airport. If you contact one of the local transfer companies in advance and make a reservation on a shuttle service, you can enjoy easy and fast transfer option to reach many points in the center.


At Adak Airport, you can easily find a taxi especially during the landing times of planes and reach the city center. Taxi fares are determined by taximeter on the airport taxis. Adak Airport is not far from Adak, which is a small settlement. By this means, you can reach Adak city center by taking a taxi without having to pay a high fare for this fast transfer option.

Rent a car

You can enjoy going to the city center by renting a car from the car rental offices at the airport or in the city center. Once you rent a car from local and global car rental companies in Adak, you can solve the transportation problem in a more economical way thanks to affordable fuel prices. After renting a car, all you need to do is follow the direction signs on the road up to the city center, and then you will arrive at the city center in a short time.

Private Transfer Services

You can also take advantage of the private transfer services between Adak Island Airport and the city center. You can enjoy this service by making a reservation in advance and go to your hotel or many other places in the city center directly in a very short time. Private transfer services offer fixed prices for certain places and so you can be sure about how much you will pay at the end of the journey once you choose the transfer option you would like to take, and thus you can minimize the risk of paying higher amounts.

Weather in Adak Island

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 8ºC - Max 12ºC
FridayMin 10ºC - Max 13ºC
SaturdayMin 9ºC - Max 9ºC
SundayMin 8ºC - Max 10ºC
MondayMin 9ºC - Max 9ºC

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