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Air Berlin is one of Germany's most popular airlines. This Berlin-based company is among the largest airline companies in the country after Lufthansa in terms of the number of passengers it carries. They have direct flights to North Africa, Mediterranean resorts and to many German cities.

Air Berlin also holds a 29.1% stake in Etihad Airways. In addition to operating from 17 German cities, it has flights to major European cities, African cities and some American cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find the Bonza flights I'm looking for on Wingie?

You can find Bonza flights on Wingie. Wingie directly gathers instant data of the airline and compares it with other airlines. You can view all Pegasus flights for the date and destination you are looking for, and compare prices with other airlines.

I booked a Bonza flight from Wingie, how can I do online check-in and PNR inquiries?

For your Bonza flights booked from Wingie, you can check-in online here and PNR inquiries via this page.