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Due to a world famous film, Zhangjiajie is known by its "Avatar Mountains" and is a very touristist place in the south of China. Zhangjiajie was designated part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, and is located in the Hunan province of China. The city itself was previously named Dayong, and the history of the city dates back to BC.

It is also the province that hosts the country's first National Forest Park. You can use the cable cars to go up high and see the breathtaking mountain views. Zhangjiajie geography is very rich in terms of its vallys and forests. It is especially attractive for Chinese visitors who are interested in natural beauty. By visiting the province with a local guide, you can listen to the stories about the mountains, which are the subject of various legends. You can also just visit here to get on the worlds tallest outdoor lift and take extraordinary photos during the elavator ride. It takes courage to cross the Zhangjiajie Canyon Glass Bridge.

In order to fully visit the Zhangjiajie Natural Forest Park, which is rich in terms of geological diversity and wildlife, you must spend at least 2 full days here. On the first day of visiting the park, you can only visit some places, as the Natural Forest Park covers such a large area.

Tianmen Mountain Zhangjiajie promises its visitors quite a different atmosphere from the Natural Forest Park. After waking across the narrow and rugged walking paths, you can get on a cable car and within seconds find yourself right under the clouds. When you step onto the glass skywalk, which is 430 meters long, you will not believe that there is a 300 meters drop.

If you have an extra day or two to spend there, you can visit Baofeng Lake, which is not far away. A trip to the lake, where you can see some of China's largest natural vallys and waterfalls, is enough to admire the enormous nature of the provence that occurred a long time ago.

Yangjiajie, which is often confused with Yuanjiajie, is completely different and is actually a newly discovered area. The area will take your breath away from the first moment you see it with its magnificent views and is one of the least visited places of the natural park. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is not worth a visit. On the contrary, it can be considered as starting to become the most striking points in the province. There is more than 50 kilometers between Tianmen Mountain and Tianzi Mountain, which can be mixed up with each other, are mong other popular spots to visit.

According to the many people who visit the area, the ideal time for a trip to Zhangjiajie is in autumn or spring. In these months, the air temperature and the clear skies makes it comfortable and convenient to travel about outdoors. You can enjoy exploring the exquisite nature of the province in warm weather, especially from April to early June or in September and October. The summer months can be very hot in the province, and in line with the increasing interest of tourists, hotel prices can rise a lot and burn a whole in your pocket. During the winter season, it may not be the best time to visit the park due to the lower temperatures. However, it should be noted that especially in the winter months, hotel prices in Zhangjiajie and its vicinity are at decreased prices.

Transportation to Zhangjiajie, which is surrounded by mountains, is very limited. You can fly directly to the small airport of the city with flights from major cities of China such as Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing. Trains departing from Changsha are considered as an alternative to flying. But keep in mind that the train journey can take a very long time, especially from large cities. If you prefer a shorter and faster journey, flying to Zhangjiajie is undoubtedly the best option.

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