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About Vitebsk

In the northern part of Belarus, the city Vitebsk bordering Russia is the 4th most populated city in the country in addition to being the capital of the oblast which has the same name. Geographically, the city has about 2800 lakes and 500 streams and, thus, known as “the region of lakes.” Running along the Dvina River, Vitebsk has a history stretching back to the 1000s.

Witnessing a lot of conquering and wrecking throughout history, the city went from belonging to Lithuania, Poland, and Russia and was destructed by Sweden, French and German army forces. Since 1919, the city continues its existence within the borders of Belarus. One of the country’s important industrial and trade centers, Vitebsk is advanced in the food, electric, and petrochemical industries. Agriculture and farming activities are also important economic sources for the city. The free areas established in 1999 contributed to Vitebsk’s economic development. Also, the work done in the mechanical engineering fields are quite advanced.

Transportation to Vitebsk City Center from Airport


Vitebsk Vostochny Airport

You can easily reach the city center from Vitebsk Airport by taxi. It is possible to go to the city center in twenty minutes under normal traffic conditions with taxis located immediately at the arrival terminal. You can try to bargain about the fare.

If you want a car that will make it easier for you to travel during your trip, you can rent a car. You must use the P21 motorway to get to the city center of Vitebsk from the airport.

There are dozens of hotels in the city offering airport shuttle service for their customers. You can benefit from this service by contacting your hotel in advance. You will be additionally charged for using airport shuttles.

Weather in Vitebsk

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 14ºC - Max 27ºC
FridayMin 14ºC - Max 28ºC
SaturdayMin 16ºC - Max 27ºC
SundayMin 17ºC - Max 23ºC
MondayMin 13ºC - Max 19ºC

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