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About Vinnytsia

The Vinnytsia city, located in the Vinnytsia Oblast of Ukraine, is a city built on two sides of the Pivdennyi Buh River. Vinnytsia has a large number of industrial facilities, mainly automotive spare parts production and diamond processing plants. The headquarters of the Ukrainian Air Force is also in Vinnytsia.

In Vinnytsia, the long warm summer months are followed by the short but hard and cold winter months. The winter season is often snowy, and there is plenty of rainfall in the summer months.

Public transportation in this lush green city, which is almost lost among the trees, is provided by electric trams in large scale. There is also a cute tram monument built from an old coach in the city. In the village of Piragova, five kilometers from the city center, you can visit the mummified body of Piragov, who discovered narcosis, exhibited in the glass sarcophagus, and small museum.

Nicolas Wooden Church, an entirely wooden building, the Jesuit Monastery with its golden dome, and the Vinnytsia Water Tower are among the architectural monuments to be seen in the city.

You should not miss the show of water dancing in the music accompaniment in the river. Particularly in the evening hours, the show, which is accompanied by colored lights, is a complete visual feast.

There are many universities, institutes and colleges in the city. The youthful population is so intense that it gives the city a vibrant and lively atmosphere. It is quite colorful with regards to night life city and there are many night clubs, discos, and bars in the city.

Transportation to Vinnytsia City Center from Airport


Vinnytsia Intl. Airport

You can take a taxi to go to Vinnytsia city center from Gavryshivka Vinnytsia International Airport. If you need a car to make your whole trip easier, you can rent a car at the airport. If you prefer taking public transport, you can take advantage of the buses departing from the airport to the city center.


You can see the available taxis at the airport exit. You will reach the city center in 15 minutes by taking a taxi from the airport under normal traffic conditions.

Rent a car

To get to Vinnytsia city center by the rental car, drive straight ahead through the airport exit and turn right at the first turnout. Turn right once again at the first intersection and then you can reach the city center very easily by following the "city center" signs. The total distance you will drive is about 12 kilometers.


You can easily reach major places in Vinnytsia such as the Central Bus Station and the Main Train Station by bus 33 departing from the bus stop at the airport. The ticket price is 21 UAH and you can buy your ticket on the bus. The departures of this bus line is scheduled according to the flights only.

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