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Utrecht, sharing the same name as its region in Netherlands, is one of the most crowded and lively cities of its region. With a large population of about 350 thousand, Utrecht, is not only one of the most important religious centers of the country, it is also one of the four largest cities in all of Netherlands.

In the city, there are various shows of fine workmanship through numerous historical buildings, eye-catching churches, and the Oudegracht Canal, which’s surroundings offer spectacular views that include variations of workmanship, in addition to narrow streets that are straight out of story books. The city itself, which has not been discovered by many tourists, offers a very vibrant, social and cultural life.

After the capital city of Amsterdam, Utrecht is known as the place where the greatest social and cultural activities take place. Due to the university located in the city, there is a high, young population with many of its residents living alone and far away from their families. Social life in the city is especially colorful and dynamic, especially at the central parts of the city.

There are festivals held in almost every season, which bring together participants from all ages and make the city an “entertainment capital.” The Money Museum, one of the many different options for entertainment, is located in the city and takes you through the journey of the history of money and is often an intriguing place to visit for those interested in money.

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