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About Ulaangom

Ulaangom, located in Mongolia, is a small settlement located about 120 kilometers away from the Russian border in the north. There are not many places to see in Ulaangom. Nevertheless, Dechinravjaalin Khiid Abbey, considered as one of the most important religious structures of both the region and the country, is worth seeing.

The country, which is bound to the Uvs region of the country, hosts several government offices and houses where the employees live. In Ulaangom, temperature values are usually low, similar to other regions of Mongolia. Summers in the city are slightly warm, but cold and dry climate prevails generally. Thermometers show minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter. Especially those visiting the city in the winter months should take their special clothes to protect them from the extreme cold. Although the eating and drinking options are not very rich, it is worth trying the dishes cooked especially on the fire. You can also try different alternatives, especially the traditional flavors of Mongolian cuisine, and Far Eastern flavors.

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