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About Turku

Turku is located on the south-western part of Finland, and one of Finland's major cultural and commercial centers. Turku as a port city is also hosting the first university in the country.

In the city, the winters are cold and snowy, while the summer months are milder. However, the rainiest season is the summer months. For this reason, the best time to visit Turku is April, May and June. The daylight time is also ideal in this season.

The ferries linking the two sides of the Auro River in the city are completely free. It is also possible to cycle around like the local residents of the city. There are many places to rent bicycles in the city and special bicycle routes make it a safe and pleasant means of transportation. Public transport in the city is provided by buses.

Turku has many museums hosting subjects such as handicrafts, painting, sculpture, biology, maritime and history. Travelers with children can have a great time at the fun park called Moomin World.

The meaning of Turku is 'market place' and with 'Medieval Market' established in the city in June every year Turku continues to make sense with its name.

The Turku Castle, which survives since the 13th century, Turku Cathedral which is accepted as a symbol of the city with its pleasant architecture and the great natural park Ruissolo are among the places to visit in the city.

In Turku, a university town, night life is also very active. Especially Friday and Saturday nights are very colorful and the venues remain open until 4 in the morning.

The Turku cuisine is dominated by seafood. Local flavors such as karjalan paisti made of beef or pork and Auro cheese can be tried.

Transportation to Turku City Center from Airport

Turku, which is a city in Finland, is a dynamic city whose population is mostly composed of the students coming here for receiving education. When you land at Turku Airport, you can also feel this energy. The distance between Turku Airport and city center is 9 kilometers. It is possible to cover this distance by renting a car or getting on a bus which is the most budget-friendly option. You can also get on a taxi for a comfortable and fast travel.


When you reach the arriving passenger lounge after landing at Turku Airport, you will see a big screen showing the departure hours of the buses. The bus route 1 carries passengers to the city center and it operates every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays and national holidays. This bus route reaches the Market Square Kauppatori in the city center in about 20 minutes. The last stop of the bus is Turku Port which is 30 minutes away. The departure hours of the buses, which are organized by Föli (regional public transportation network), do not ever depart from the rule. Even if you run to catch the bus, you need to know that the driver does not open the doors if all doors are closed. For this reason, you should be at the stop a few minutes before the departure time of the bus.

You can buy your ticket from the driver. If you use the bus in the daytime, the ticket price is 3 Euro. This amount increases to 4 Euro if you get on the bus at night. The validity time of the ticket is two hours and you can use it again if you transfer in the city.


Travelling to the city center from Turku Airport by taxi costs about 25 Euro. You can use your credit card to make the payment. You can make a reservation for a taxi in advance to pick you up from the airport. In this way, you can take the road to your destination without waiting much. You can also call a taxi by using the free taxi hailing system in the entrance of the terminal. You can also get on a taxi from one of the taxi stands like Turun Taxi, City Taxi and Kyyti.

Car Rental

Another transportation alternative that you can use for travelling to the city center from Turku Airport, which is 9 kilometers away, is renting a car. There is an area in the arriving passenger section where international companies like Avis Europcar, Hertz, Budget and Sixt as well as local companies offer car rental services. You can rent a car according to your needs in a short time but if you make a reservation before your travel, you can save time and money.

Airport Shuttle

If you are coming to the city as a group, you can choose a shuttle offering service with its driver. You can have a more budget-friendly travel to your destination if you make a reservation for a shuttle in advance. You can get detailed information about this alternative from the area where car rental companies offer service.

Hotel Shuttle

While making a hotel reservation, you can learn whether your hotel offers transportation service from the airport. Some hotels offer this service for free while others may demand a certain amount from their guests.

Last Updated: 08 Aug 2018

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