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About Turin Airport

The airport, which was established in the early 1930s in the city of Turin, which has a very special place in the history of Italy, for the training of the Italian Air Force soldiers and the realisation of military flights, was used by fighter planes during World War II. Civilized in 1953 and named Caselle, the airport was expanded and renewed twice in 1989 and 2005. While 1 million passengers used Caselle Airport in 2000, today more than 4 million passengers travel to major metropolises of the world, especially European cities.

Getting to the City Center from Turin Airport

Turin Airport is one of the most popular airports in Europe, as well as in Italy, which has been developing since its establishment in 1953. It hosts more than 5 million passengers per year. Turin Airport is located 16 kilometers north-west of Turin city center. A large number of passengers landing at Turin Airport prefer train, bus or metro, which are much cheaper and faster compared to taxis, to reach the city center.

The city has a transportation network that is not complex and can reach every point within the city. The fares are very reasonable for the passengers. To get to Turin city center from Turin Airport, you can choose to take a train or a bus, rent a car or take a taxi.

When you reach the city center, you might see many people, both young and elders, with small suitcases using trains for their weekend vacations. Trains are widely used throughout Italy thanks to fast and convenient transportation network. From Turin Airport you can easily get to the city by train. Otherwise, if you want to drive, you can start your journey with your car by choosing one of the car rental companies located at the airport.


There is a railway network between Turin Airport and the city center. You can arrive in Turin city center in about 19 minutes by train from the airport station, which is only a few meters away from the airport terminal. The name of the station you will arrive is GTT Dora Train Station. The trains are extremely luxurious, modern and comfortable. The fare for the train from the airport to Turin city center is only 3 Euros.

Train tickets are sold at the ticket office in the arrival hall. Turin has a metropolitan railway system with 8 lines and 93 stations. A large part of this system consists of underground railway that runs both within and outside the city. The Turin-Ceres railway network is the first stop between Turin and the airport. From Turin Airport you can reach the city center by train in a convenient and inexpensive way. Expanding its transportation networks after the winter Olympics, Turin continues to carry out various projects to bring transportation to the next level. The project to connect Turin-Ceres railway to the Torino-Milan railway will start in the near future.


Turin passengers are used to reach the city center from the airport with the buses, as much as the train. SADEM bus services are available between Turin Airport and Turin city center. Bus stops are naturally busier than trains. There are many stops such as Porta Nuova train station, Porta Susa train station (via Stradella bus number 242/245), Borgaro and Caselle city center. One way fare is € 6.50; it is € 5 with Torino + Piedmont Card. The journey lasts an average of 45-50 minutes. You must buy your ticket before you board the bus.

If you would like to get information about SADEM Bus Service between Turin airport and city center, you can visit the website or call +39 011.3000611. Porta Nuova and Porta Susa FS train stations are connected to each other. By bus transfer you can reach Sestriere, Sauze d'Oulx, Cesana, Sansicario, Claviere, Bardonecchia, Pragelato, Pinerolo, Limone Piemonte and French ski resorts (Montgenevre, Briancon / Serre Chevalier). There is a ticket office (Ricevitoria) and automatic ticket machines at the arrival terminal of Turin Airport. You can get your tickets from one of these points before boarding the bus.


You can choose to take a taxi for your journey from Torino Airport to the city center. Taxis are located to the left of the exit of the airport arrival terminal. In order to get to the city center from Turin Airport, you will be charged 30-50 Euros approximately. The duration of your trip may vary depending on traffic, but it usually takes about 30-35 minutes. The taxi fares are high; in fact, there is no need to take a taxi. You can easily find a taxi at the airport, but you cannot see the taxis in the city separately. All of them can be reached via a single and common phone number: +39.011.5737 / 5730.

Car Rental

If you do not want to use any public transport during your stay in Italy and would like to travel with your own car, it is a good idea to go to one of the car rental companies in the terminal when you arrive at Turin Airport. Make sure that you rent a car with navigation. It's a place you do not know, so you're more likely to get lost.

You do not have to worry about driving in Turin because there is not heavy traffic and the roads are not complicated. By car you rent from Turin Airport you arrive in Turin city center in 20-25 minutes on average.

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2017
Getting to Turin Airport from the City Center

Turin is situated on the north-western side of Italy, one of the most popular countries in the world, in the Piedmont region, on the banks of the Po River surrounded by the Alps. Another known name for this city, which has a very long-established gastronomy culture, is ''gourmet paradise ''.

Apart from this, it is also the third most important city of Italy after Milan in terms of trade and tourism. Most of the trade is made up by the automotive sector. Turin, home to the FIAT factory, hosts the Turin Automobile Museum, one of the world's 10 oldest and largest automobile museums. One of the most famous cities in Europe, the industrial center has hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics. The city, with a population of around 1.5 million, has a developed public transportation system.

Transfers from Torino to the other cities of Italy, as well as transportation within the city are usually provided by metro and train. You can use buses, trams and metro which have regular services within the city of Turin as well as taxis. You can usually travel within the city of Turin without needing a taxi.

The cheapest and most preferred means of transportation by tourists and locals is train and trams. The other two preferred options in urban transport are buses and metro. The train lines, especially the Torino subway lines, are linked to each other in inner city spots as well as to other cities of Italy such as Milan. With a comfortable and fast service you can go anywhere you want in Turin city; you can also have daily visits to other cities of Italy. Fees are not high given the fast service to the customers.

In the city of Turin you can also rent bicycles. The city is not too big, thus it is suitable for cycling. Transportation in Turin, an Italian city favored by tourists with cheap accommodation options both in terms of winter tourism and summer tourism, has grown considerably thanks to the Winter Olympics hosted in 2006.

The cost of single ticket in public transport in Turin is 1.5 Euros. There is a card called Torino-Piemonte, and most of the conscious tourists have this card because those who have this card travel with discount. Single-use, two day, three day, weekly, and monthly cards are available. The two day ticket is 7.2 euros, the three day ticket is 10 euros, and the 7 day ticket is 37 euros. In fact, the other beauty of these cards is it provides free access to many museums, theaters and parks.

The most important point to be taken care of with regards to transportation is to never get on public transport (train, subway, tram, bus, etc.) without validating your ticket. Passengers who do not validate their tickets are subject to serious sanctions, such as a EUR 100 fine. This issue is very important since the tickets are valid for a certain time period. Even if you have already bought it in advance, you cannot use it if it is not valid anymote. There are two main train stations in Torino: Porta Nuova and Porta Susa in Piazza Carlo Felice. You can purchase your train tickets online or at ticketing points at train stations.

Many of the public transport, including trains, start their service at 05.30 in the morning and last until midnight.

Airport Information

Turin Airport is located in the Caselle Torinese area of ​​Italy. It is located in the Piedmont region, 16 kilometers north-west of the city center. Turin Airport, also known as Sandro Pertini Airport, is one of Italy's oldest and largest airports, established in 1953.

Turin Airport has a train station and bus services to the city center of Turin and the surrounding cities. Many of the passengers landing at Turin Airport can arrive wherever they want in a short period of time, conveniently without leaving the station, by train or bus.

You can also find car rental companies and small shopping centers outside of station stops. As it is one of the leading airports in Europe in terms of development, it increases its passenger capacity every year. In the past, many airline companies did not fly directly to Turin Airport; but many airline companies, including Turkish Airlines, have direct flights to Turin Airport today. There are car parks, car rental companies, restaurants and bars, VIP services and lounges and 14 shopping malls at the airport. Equipped with sophisticated infrastructure and services, Turin Airport is an ideal airport offering a range of unique opportunities for potential business partners.

Turin Airport, which is invested by a large number of Italian and international brands, is an excellent establishment hosting more than 5 million passengers per year. It meets the security, comfort and similar needs of the passengers in the best conditions.

It is envisaged that an ambitious plan concerning the expansion of passenger traffic will come into play in the next three years due to the fact that the strategic location of the terminal is also of great importance in terms of industry and trade. This plan aims to increase food court areas, retail numbers, and passenger capacity at the lowest possible cost.

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flight prices to Turin Airport?

When you search for flights to Turin Airport, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can depart from. For the date you are looking for, you can see all the flights arriving at Turin Airport together and you can choose the most suitable flight.

Which are the alternative airports to Turin Airport?

You can use Aosta Valley Airport as an alternative to Turin Airport.

Which airlines have direct flights from which cities to Turin Airport?

Royal Air Maroc organizes direct flights from the cities of Casablanca to Turin Airport.

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