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Located in the northeast of Brazil, Teofilo Otoni is a part of the Minas Gerais state of the country. According to the latest data regarding its population, the city has a population of over 140 thousand people. It is also among the important centers for the region, although it is not very large.

The city built around the Santos River constitutes the region together with other nearby settlements. The city, which is located approximately 500 km of Belo Horizonte, the state capital, 730 km of Rio de Janeiro and 900 km of Salvador.

The economy of the city is mostly based on trade. In addition, agriculture and tourism also have a share in the economy of the city despite of being not as much as trade. Especially vegetable agriculture and service sector are highly developed in the region. In addition, mining is among the business lines of the region.

While visiting Teofilo Otoni, the city of the football player Bruno Barros di Pietro, you can see Imaculada Conceicao Church, which is almost like a fairy tale castle with its blue walls. The market place, where you can buy various fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the region, is among the places to visit. After touring the city, you can enjoy the nature by visiting the Pedra d'Agua Waterfalls which are among the magnificent natural wonders located nearby.

The climate of the region is convenient for visitors in every season. However, you can visit the city in a season when there is less rainfall. You can reach the city by connecting flights from Europe. You can also come here from Belo Horizonte or Rio de Janeiro by having a long bus travel.

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