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Estonia's second largest city, Tartu, is located in the south-east of the country. There are a total of seven universities in the city, including Tartu University, the oldest university in Estonia. Tartu has a vibrant, dynamic and efficient structure with the influence of the young population. Tartu is, in a sense, the cultural capital of Estonia. On the other hand, heavy industry is also developed in the city.

The effects of humid terrestrial climate are seen in Tartu. In summer, the temperature is measured around 17-18 degrees Celsius. In the winter months this value drops to -5 degrees Celsius. Rainfall in the city, which is under the influence of high humidity all year round, is mostly seen in summer.

Transportation in the city is provided by buses. It is possible to buy a bus ticket of 1 Euro from the driver. A taxi can always be found in the city. The old town square is large enough to discover on foot. The city is connected to long distances thanks to Tartu Airport.

Emajogi River Tartu, which connects the two largest lakes of the country, passes through the city. The city, which has very fertile lands, is located in the greenery. The old and the new city centers are connected by bridges over the river. The riverside is full of trees and offers nice resting places and scenery viewing points. You can swim in the river during the hot days of short summer months, and skate on the river since it usually freezes in the cold and long winter season. There is also a botanical park for those who are not satisfied with greenery around the city. Toomemagi Park is a place for gathering and chilling.

Tartu is home to many architectural structures and artifacts. The romantic pool adorned by the couple kissing under the umbrella in Town Hall Square has become one of the symbols of the city. The municipal council building, just behind it, is painted in pale pink and red and decorated with flowers; thus it is extraordinarily warm, a fact is not expected from an official state building. Learning House, considered to be the Pisa of Tartu and hosting an art gallery, is an inclined building and worth seeing. St. John's Cathedral is attracting attention with the hundreds of terracotta statues housed in, and with the classical music concerts organized here.

Night life in the city is also very colorful and vivid. It is possible to find a suitable venue for every taste. There are many restaurants and cafes in the city, as well as lounges, discos and bars. The cuisine in Tartu, as in the whole country, is based on game meat, fish, pork, cabbage and potatoes. With regards to the fast-food, the cornerstone pizzerias are very popular.

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