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About Targu Mures

Established on the Mures River, the city Tirgu Mures also gets its name from the river. Of one of Romania’s most beautiful city’s, there are many wonders to travel and see in the city. Consisting of mainly historic and touristic remains, the Culture Palace, and drawing great awe to its majestic structure the Tirgu Mures Castle and Roses Square is of the top places to visit. In and around the square there are also many restaurants and cafes that you can eat and drink. For families coming to the city with their children, there is also one of the country’s largest and most beautiful zoos, La Gradnia Zoo, which you must see.

You can easily travel to many places in the city by bus or taxi. Since historical places worth seeing are close to each other, the taxi fare doesn’t cost that much. Also, compared to other European cities, staying and eating in this city is relatively less. Although winter months are cold and rainy and summer months are hot and sunny. To visit Tirgu Mures, the ideal time would be during the spring and summer months when the weather is warmer.

Transportation to Targu Mures City Center from Airport


Targu Mures Intl. Airport

Tirgu Mures Airport, which is located 14 kilometers southwest of Tirgu Mures, is used for both domestic and international flights. The airport can be used to travel in Romania and to the neighboring countries. Passengers landing at Tirgu Mures Airport can benefit from the taxis which are very budget-friendly alternatives for travelling to the center from the airport.  In addition to the taxis, it is possible to prefer one of the comfortable transportation alternatives such as car rental and private airport shuttle. After choosing your transportation vehicle, you can reach the city center in about 20 minutes. In the region, the traffic is not heavy in general. For this reason, you can travel to the center from Tirgu Mures International Airport in about 15-20 minutes.

Car Rental

When you land at Tirgu Mures International Airport, which is among the calmest airports of Romania, you can travel to the center by renting a car from one of the local or international car rental companies. If you make a reservation in advance, you can receive your car in a faster way. If you prefer renting a car from an international company like AVIS, you can make an online reservation for your car. Rental cars are generally delivered to the passengers at the exit door of Tirgu Mures Airport. Travelling to the center from the airport lasts about 15-20 minutes by car. You need to have all the necessary documents like your passport and driver’s license with you in order to receive your car at Tirgu Mures Airport without any problem.


Romania is much more budget-friendly compared to other countries of Europe. Taxi fares in the country are much more affordable compared to especially Western Europe countries. Since the distance between the airport and Tirgu Mures city center is short, the amount you need to for this travel doesn’t increase much if you provide your transportation by taxi.

If you wish, you can learn the average amount you need to pay by specifying your destination to the driver before getting on the taxi. In addition, you can reduce your transportation cost if you can find different passengers travelling to the same destination with you. This is one of the preferred methods for reducing the cost of travelling to the center. Thanks to their large baggage capacity, taxis are among the most preferred transportation alternatives by the passengers with heavy and much luggage.

Airport Shuttle

You can use an airport shuttle, which is more budget-friendly than taxi, for travelling to Tirgu Mures city center from the airport. The shuttles, which start operating at early hours of the morning, carry passengers to the center from the airport until the evening hours. You may need to make the payment according to the currency of the country. For this reason, you need to stop by a foreign exchange office before leaving the airport terminal and have Romanian Leu which is the local currency of the country. If you need to use an airport shuttle with 8 or more passengers, you can make a reservation in advance for a shuttle private for your group by contacting one of the shuttle companies offering service at Tirgu Mures Airport.

Hotel Shuttle

Using the shuttles of the hotels located in Tirgu Mures is one of the economic transportation options that you can use for travelling to the city center from the airport. Every hotel in the region doesn’t offer airport shuttle service. Before your travel, you can choose a hotel offering a hotel shuttle service and have a comfortable travel to the center in this way. You generally need to make a reservation in advance in order to benefit from this option. If you haven’t made a shuttle reservation, you can call a service by phone after landing at the airport. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can prefer other alternatives like taxi.

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