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About Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport

The Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, which was built in 1931 in Tallinn, Estonia, was officially opened in 1936. Following Estonia's sovereignty in 1940, an order was made by Soviet occupation authorities to transfer the airport to Soviet Air Forces. The airport was redesigned and a new terminal building was constructed in 1954 and started regular flights from 1962 onwards. Today, 2 and a half million passengers use the airport, which is named after the legendary politician of Estonia, Lennart Meri. In 2013, the expansion plan was launched and the airport museum and activity centre were opened.

Getting to the City Center from Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport

Known as Northern Europe's Disneyland, Tallinn is Estonia's largest city and capital. Located very close to the Gulf of Finland, Tallinn is 80 kilometers in the west of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Buses, trains and ferry services are also available from leading cities in the world such as Riga, Stockholm, Aland, St. Petersburg and Rostock.

Public transport in Tallinn is fairly easy and inexpensive. It is actually quite successful compared to many cities that have switched to free public transport but have failed. Offering free public transport to its citizens, Tallinn also offers very affordable options for foreign tourists. The most common means of public transport in urban transport are buses, trams and trolleybuses. Taxis are also among the most preferred means of transportation thanks to affordable fares.

Tallinn is a very small city in terms of urban area, so walking and biking are very popular in urban transportation. The central point of the city is the Old Town. This area is divided into two as Toompea and Lowertown. Transportation also flows through this square. Old Town, which is considered as a key point in the city, is one of the stops of many public transportation vehicles.

There is a common ticket system for buses, trams and trolleybuses in Tallinn. You need to stamp your ticket when you get on it. Public transport runs from 6 am till midnight. Children under the age of 7 and children under the age of 3 who have a parent with have the right to use public transport for free.

The city is very easy to reach from abroad as well as from Estonia's other cities. There are ferry services to Tallinn from Sweden / Stockholm and bus service from Helsinki, Finland's capital city, which is only 80 kilometers away. The company named Super Sea Cat organizes ferry services between Helsinki and Tallinn. The most famous ferry companies in Tallinn are the Viking Line and Tallink and Silija. Sea bus companies are Linda Line, Nordic Jet Line and Tallink.

In Tallinn city, the fixed and the same price tariffs are applied for all means of the public transport since 2013. You can buy Tallinn Kart, which can be used for a certain period of time, from any buffet on the road, from the tourist information desk at the airport or from the bus terminals. Depending on the length of your travel plan, it is possible for you to choose the most economical one for these cards and use this single card throughout your travels.

Tallinn Kart, which is valid for all city public transportation vehicles such as trolleybus, tram, bus and metro, costs 3 euros per day; 5 euros for 3 days, 6 euros for 5 days and 23 euros for a month. Other than that, there are e-tickets that you can buy from the driver when you get on public transportation. They cost 1.60 euros. The third option, Smart Card, is green and plastic; it is possible to use this card, which is similar to the cards used in major Turkish cities, such as akbil, kentkart, for transportation that is designed for continuous use and can be loaded when needed.

Tallinn city offers free public transportation to its citizens and creates opportunities for tourists visiting the city. A miniature train leaves the Tallinn square, called Old Town, at certain times of day. This little train, which is actually very attractive for tourists, offers an inevitable opportunity for sightseeing activity by allowing you to take a 20-minute tour of the beautiful city.

You can use three-wheeled bicycle-like cabs to reach one point to another in the city and have a pleasant experience.

Tallinn Airport is about 4 kilometers from the city center. You can reach the city center quickly and conveniently by using the means of public transportation.

You can go to the Tallinn city center from the airport by metro, bus and trolleybuses and taxi and airport shuttle.


The nearest train station to Tallinn Airport is Ülemiste Train Station. This station is located near Ülemiste Lake, 800 meters away from the airport and near Ülemiste-Keskus. It connects Elron's regional rail and suburban rail lines. The only thing you need to do to get to this big train station from the airport is to take the bus number 65.


It is the fastest and most economical option to reach the city center from airport. The 90K bus departs from the airport and goes directly to the city center. The 90K bus operates between 08:00 and 18:00 with half an hour intervals. The ticket price for the 90K bus is 2 euros with the most current version.

You can get your ticket from the bus stops in the street or from the bus driver. In addition, buses 1, 5, 7, and 40 are the other buses from the airport that have city center points among their stops. Another bus line from Tallinn Airport to the city center is bus number 2.

There are 3 bus stops on the ground floor at the exit of the airport's arrival terminal. The bus number 2 departing from the bus stop 1 goes directly to Molyv but it also has a stop in the city center. Other stops are Sadametn, Lootsi tn, A. Laikmaa tn, Ravala pst, Tartu mnt, Lennjaama, Tartu mnt, Kaabli tn, Juhteme tn'dir. It operated between 06:49 and 23:40. Long distance buses depart from bus stop 2.

Bus number 65, running between the airport and Lasnamae, departs from bus stop 3 at the airport. The ticket costs 25 kroon if you buy it from the bus driver and 15 kroon if you buy it from the buffets. You can also choose a package of tickets that costs 100 kroon. At the same time, if you want to take advantage of the bus, you must use one of the Tallinn Card, Smart Card, paper ticket (e-ticket).

There are two bus terminals in the city: the first one is Autobussijaam (intercity/intercountry bus terminal) and the second is Bussijaam (city bus terminal). Bussijaam bus terminal is the last stop of 90% of the city buses and the stop is located underground.

Tram and Trolleybus

Tallinn trams are quite popular. It is expected that the tram project, in which 20 million euros were invested, will be completed in 2017. When this project is completed, Tallinn Airport will be connected to the city center.

Trolleybuses are used as frequently as trams in Tallinn, because they are fast. One feature that distinguishes this means of transportation, where Tallinn cards and e-tickets are also valid, from others is that most of their drivers are women.

There are no trolleybuses departing from the airport, but you can use them to transfer during your trip to the airport from the city; this would save you time.


Taxis are used very often in Tallinn. There are three different colors of taxis and fares in the city. The cheapest are gray taxis, the more reasonably priced ones are white, and the most expensive are the yellow taxis. If you download taxify application to your mobile phone, it would be possible for you to find a taxi both inexpensively and quickly, regardless of where you are in the city.

Gray taxis with open taximeters at 2.5 euros, white taxis at 2.88 euros, while yellow taxis open at 3.08 euros. For this reason, it would be more reasonable to take a gray or white taxi.  

Car Rental

Tallinn is at the intersection point of highways connecting other nearby cities, as well as countries. However, the intense traffic inside the city causes many visitors to want to rent a car. But given that the city also has a small area, it is possible to get around the city even on foot. Renting a car may be more profitable for you if you want to travel to neighboring countries of Estonia such as Poland, Finland, Sweden.

There are many world-renowned car rental companies such as Avis, Sixt, Europcar, Budget, The Hertz Corporation and National Car Rental at Tallinn Airport terminal. When renting your car, make sure that the car has navigation. It's also worthwhile to obtain maps that show detailed directions.

Last Updated: 14 Jun 2017
Getting to Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport from the City Center

It is very easy to find public transport between Tallinn Airport and every point of the city. Trams, trolley buses and trains were built on a transit system with buses, which is the busiest public transport vehicle in the city. Bussijaam, one of the two main bus terminals in the city, has direct buses to the airport.

The 800 meters distance between the airport and the railway station also means that you can walk to the airport as soon as you reach this station. All you have to do is reach the train station by tram, trolley bus or bus. Apart from all these options, it is also possible to arrange your own transportation by renting a car in Tallinn which also offers many options about taxis.


Intercity and international trains generally depart from this railway station, which is only 800 meters from Tallinn Airport. If you have reached Tallinn by train from another city and want to go directly to the airport, you can walk to the airport in about 10 minutes. There are direct buses, trams and trolleybus lines to this station from many points of the city.


There are 3 different bus lines belonging to three different bus companies which have a stop in Tallinn city center and pass through the airport. One of them is 90K; the other is the bus number 2 and the last one is bus number 65. Bus number 65 has one of the longest routes in the city. The first stop of this bus is Lasnamae, while the last one is Tallinn airport.

Main stops of bus number 65 are Mustakivi tee, Mahtra tn, Raadiku tn, Ümera tn, Ussima-Karberi Ühendus, Linnamae tee, Narva mnt, Liikuri tn, Varraku tn, Punane tn, J. Smvuli tee, Suur-Sojamae tn, Aasi tn, Lootsa tn, Surr-Sojamae tn, Tartu mnt and Lennujaama. It operates between 06.15 and 23.40. Urban buses are the most common in terms of usage. Tallinn Cards, which can only be used within a certain period of time, and e-tickets that can be purchased from the driver are often preferred by visitors to the city.

With 1, 3, 5 or 30 day options, you can buy this Tallinn Card from any city kiosk. Besides this, the unlimited Smart Cards used as a credit card are also suitable for public transportation.

Tram and Trolleybus

Tallinn trams and trolleys are mostly used in urban transport. The massive Tallinn Tramway project is expected to be completed by 2017. It is aimed by this project to connect the airport and the city by tram line. Trolleybus expanding work is still carried out because there are fewer lines compared to buses. The trolleybuses that reach the points where buses and trams cannot reach are actually the second most popular public transport in the city.


There are three main taxi companies operating in the city and all these three are operated by the airport: Tulika Takso, Tallink Takso and Tallinna Takso. Private cabs outside of these three taxi companies are usually not affiliated with an institution. So, before you take one, you should learn from the driver how much it would cost you to reach your destination, and make sure that the driver turns on the taximeter.

The gray and white taxis, besides the yellow ones, are more affordable. It costs 12-14 euros to get to the airport from the city center (a distance of 4-5 kilometers).

Car Rental

There is a huge parking space at the airport, which is free for the first 15 minutes. There are 4 different parking spaces at the airport; three parking places, except for the 4th, are for short term stays, while the last one is for long stays.

The E263 highway, linked to Estonia's national highway 2, passes through the airport route. So you can take advantage of this highway on your trips with the car you rent out of the city. You can deliver the rental car at the airport once you arrive at the airport and then go to your flight.

Airport Information

Tallinn Airport, also known as Lennart Meri, is Estonia's largest and primary international airport since 1936.

Tallinn Airport, the hub of Estonian Air, the national airline of Estonia, is located east of Lake Ülemiste, 4 kilometers away from the city center. The number of passengers served by Tallinn Airport, which is open to domestic and international flights, according to the 2015 statistics is approximately 2.5 million.

There are three restaurants, duty free shop, smoking area, book and souvenir shops, post office, telephone, free internet access, currency exchange and travel facilities, ATMs, transport services, public transport counseling facilities where you can also purchase Tallinn Kart, tourist desks, pharmacies, sleeping halls, travel agencies and a large library where you can get the city's public transportation and road maps at the main terminal building.

Tallinn Airport Shuttle services are also available from Tallinn Airport to all parts of the city operating on a 24/7 basis. From the airport to anywhere within the boundaries of Tallinn, these buses cost an average of 7 euros.

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flight prices to Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport?

When you search for flights to Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can depart from. For the date you are looking for, you can see all the flights arriving at Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport together and you can choose the most suitable flight.

Which are the alternative airports to Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport?

You can use Pirita Harbor Airport as an alternative to Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport.

Which airlines fly to Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport?

Turkish Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Air Baltic, Lufthansa, SunExpress, LOT Polish Airlines fly to Tallinn - Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport.

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