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Located in the south-west of Taiwan, Tainan is a large and crowded city with a population of about 2 million. Tainan, the oldest city in the country, has a 200-year history and was once the capital.

Once Tainan was known for agriculture and producing sugar intensively, the city has become an important industrial center nowadays. Tainan optoelectronics industry has an important place in production of subsidiary industry products. The Technology Park established in the city is the biggest supporter of this development and the main topic of production today is green energy and biotechnology. Automobile industry, food, textiles and plastic are the other branches of the industrial activities.

Tainan is under the influence of sub-tropical climate. The temperature is measured around 24 degrees Celsius a year. The seasons are divided into two as dry and rainy seasons. In the arid season between October and March, there is no precipitation at all, but there are heavy torrential rains between April and September.

Tainan has buses as a means of public transport in the city, but it is very difficult to use for those who do not speak native languages ​​because drivers do not speak a foreign language. There are no buses and signs where Latin alphabet is used. But remember that if your first choice is to use a bus, all bus lines pass by Tainan Railway Station and you can get detailed information in English at the Tourist Information Center here. On the other hand, local people use mainly motorcycles, bicycles and mopeds for transportation and there are places where you can rent them. You must have an international driver's license for oil-powered vehicles, but you can also rent electric scooters or bicycles at very reasonable prices. You can go to other cities from Tainan by train, high-speed train or bus. Also, Tainan Airport, about 6 kilometers away from the city center, connects the city to other cities.

There are many spectacular temples of Buddhist and Taoist faith in Tainan. More than 1600 temples put the city on the top of the list compared to other settlements. It is possible to say that all of them have a distinctive beauty and feature, even though the first ones that come to mind are the temple of Altar of Heaven in Kaiyuen Temple, Zhuxi Temple, Longshan Temple, Grand Matsu Temple, Sidian Wumiao and Tianhou Temple. Religion is very important for the people. Apart from this, they are extremely committed to traditions and customs. Fate, belief, luck, ceremony and symbols have important places in their lives. When possible, get close to the local people and try to understand this culture.

The city is also famous for its street food and the menu is quite crowded. In particular, do not forget to eat shrimp around the canal. Try in small quantities of things that interest you, and if you are sensitive to certain foods, be sure to learn the content. Tainan was the sugar production center of the country, so food is made sweeter than the rest of the country. Tea is a drink that is highly consumed in Tainan and this local flavor is highly recommended.


Tainan also has many museums. The National Museum of Taiwan History and Chimei Museum are the most interesting attractions. Taijiang National Park is also a must-visit place. Especially the green tunnel that trees make deserves to be seen and photographed. Even there are a large number of shops in Tainan where famous brands can be found, you should definitely see the night markets where you can get to know local culture more closely. Note that Flower Night Market, which is the most popular event, is open only on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, unlike other night markets. Hua Yuan and Da Dong, the fairly large two-night markets, also attract attention. Anping Castle and Chihkan Towers, which is a little outside of the city center, remains a part of the history of the city as structures remaining from the Dutch colonial period. The Eternal Golden Castle from the 19th century is one of the places to visit. Anping district is the oldest residential area of ​​Tainan. In this area you can find historical structures and opportunities for observing the atmosphere. Do not forget to pay attention to the clay figures which are placed on buildings to evict evil spirits during your trip.

Tainan is a very safe city and the crime rate is extremely low. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, the most important point to pay attention is the heavy traffic.

Tainan is a city with an interesting culture, an important history, many places to visit, and activities that can be done, thus you need to organize your trip to the city very well.

Transportation to Tainan City Center from Airport

There are bus and taxi stops in front of the terminal building of Tainan Airport, which is 36 kilometers away from Tainan city center.  You can also make your transfer more practical by getting information from the companies providing car rental and transfer services. Taxi and train are also among the options you can prefer to reach Tainan city center.

Taxi and Train

The city trains departing from Tainan Airport could be a reasonable means of transportation, although they don't go directly to the city center. You can take a taxi at the taxi stops at the airport and reach the train station that is 8 minutes away. There you can get on the train to reach any central point of Tainan city. The distance between the airport and the station is 6.3 kilometers. You can also transfer to the trains heading towards the Balin Station, another popular destination, from Tainan Train Station.


The most practical way to reach Tainan city center directly from Tainan Airport is undoubtedly to take city buses. The bus number 5 departs from the bus stops outside the airport terminal and goes directly to Tainan city center. The bus ride  takes about 40-45 minutes on average and there are departures at frequent intervals. The price you will pay is almost the same as in the city because of the standard tariff prices that are valid for buses. You will pay 18 Taiwan Dollars to buy a ticket for the bus number 5 departing from the airport according to the latest tariff issued in 2016. If you get discounted tickets, the ticket price comes down up to 9 Taiwan Dollars.


The vast majority of local and foreign tourists arriving at Tainan Airport prefer taxi, which is a faster means of transportation. It takes 30 minutes maximum to reach Tainan city center by taxi, which is much faster and more reliable than buses and other means of public transportation. It is possible to go directly to Tainan city center by taxi paying an average fare of 90-110 Taiwan Dollars.

Rent a car

If you search for global and other local car rental companies providing this service at Tainan Airport in advance, you will have brief information about the prices and enjoy pre-booking option on the internet. The following steps take an incredibly short time and then you can enjoy going to Tainan city center in 25-30 minutes driving the rental car.

Last Updated: 26 Nov 2016

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