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About Szczecin

Poland's 7th largest city, Szczecin, has a population of about 410 thousand people. The city is the most important port on the Baltic Sea coast of the country. Kasprowicza Park and St. Jacob Cathedral are among first the places to visit in the city which is one of the greenest cities in the country. The inside of the cathedral, which stands out with its high walls and imposing structure, is at least as attractive as the outside.

Another alternative which attracts the attention of automobile enthusiasts in the city is the Technology and Transportation Museum. You can see colorful cars and other transportation vehicles such as buses and trams in this museum which is a paradise for car enthusiasts. Central Cemetery, Europe's third largest cemetery, can be considered as an interesting alternative to experience. Szczecin-Goleniów Airport, which links Szczecin to other Polish cities and the world, serves to the city. The best time to visit the city is the spring and summer months, when the weather is warmer.

Transportation to Szczecin City Center from Airport


Solidarity Szczecin Goleniow Airport

You can fly to Szczecin-Goleniów Airport to travel to the city of Szczecin and other areas nearby. The journey from Szczecin Airport to the city center usually takes about 40 minutes with alternatives such as train, rental car, taxi or private car. You can easily prefer trains to get to the city from the airport during daytime. Taxis or rental cars may be more convenient in the late hours. The fact that Szczecin-Goleniów Airport is about one hour away from the center makes taking a taxi a more costly alternative, but if you are traveling with 3 or 4 passengers, you can consider sharing taxi to get to the center from Szczecin Airport.


Since 2013, it is possible to get to the center from Szczecin Airport by train. The train station is located right next to the airport terminal and it takes about 40 minutes to travel from the airport to Szczecin city center by train. By train you can also travel to and from many places such as Goleniów, Świnoujście, Kamień Pomorski, Choszczno, Pomorskie, Runowo Pomorskie and Stargard Szczeciński. Trains can also be preferred by those who want to come to Szczecin from the airport with an affordable vehicle. The train fares are much lower compared to the taxis waiting in front of Szczecin Airport. Once you reach the city center by train, you can travel to the point you want to reach with a different vehicle such as taxi or hotel shuttle.


If you want to get to Szczecin city center by taxi from the airport, you can call +48 91 481 7690 and ask about information on the taxis waiting in front of the terminal. Fares should be paid in Polish Zloty, the local currency of the country. The average cost of the trip by taxi to Szczecin city center is between 130-170 zloty. The distance to the airport of the city center is approximately 35-50 kilometers. If you need to go to Koszalin, which is 120 kilometers away, you can use the taxi by paying around 380 zloty. If you are going to Kołobrzeg, you need to pay 300 zlotys at the end of 95 kilometers of journey. The fare you need to pay to go to Świnoujście, 80 kilometers from the airport, is about 230 Polish zloty. For Międzyzdroje, 65 kilometers from the airport, the average fare is set at 200 zloty. These fares may vary during certain periods. For information on the most up-to-date taxi fares, please contact the drivers of the taxis waiting at the airport terminal. Those going to Stargard Szczeciński, 43 kilometers away, should pay an average of 140 zloty. The distance to Police is 65 kilometers and the average fare in this route is 200 zloty. For Goleniów, it may be enough to pay an average of 30-40 zlotys at the end of a journey of only 7 kilometers.


You can travel to and from Warsaw and to many points of Europe, by transferring, with buses departing from the airport at certain times of the day. Buses usually start operating around 7 am and continue until the evening. If you are considering using buses that depart from the airport usually 15 minutes after flights landing, you can call +48 504 188 737 for more detailed information.


You can also use the minibuses to get from the airport to the center and to other nearby areas. Minibuses are departing from right in front of the airport and bring their passengers to the bus stop PKS in Szczecin. If you are traveling with a minibus in the direction of Goleniów, you can get off in front of the train station. If you would like to inquire about minibuses and use one of these affordable vehicles, you can get information from the airport information desk or call +48 91 392 69 25 before leaving the terminal to learn about many things such as departure points and fares.

Private Vehicle

If you have your own vehicle, you would have the chance to travel both to Szczecin city center and to many other places from the airport quickly and without difficulty. Those who want to get to the city center of Szczecin from the airport by a private car should make a journey that takes about 40 minutes from the terminal. This journey lasts 45 minutes if you are going to Stargard Szczeciński. You can reach Gorzów Wielkopolski after an 80-minute drive. Places like Kołobrzeg, Drawsko Pomorskie and Koszalin can also be reached in an average of 80 minutes. Going to Szczecinek and Wałcz take about two hours by private car. You can reach Międzyzdroje in approximately 40 minutes.

Car Rental

Those who want to rent a car from Szczecin Airport can choose between different car rental companies including AVIS, Hertz, CarFillar or Europcar. There are also Auto Polo and Panek companies in the airport where you can rent cars at affordable prices. Those who rent a car can reach the city center in around 40 minutes. In order to rent your car from AVIS you should contact +48 91 488 93 50 in advance to find out which vehicles are available at Szczecin Airport. You can call +48 669 999 666 for CarFillar, +48 91 434 62 51 for Europcar, Panek +48 665 800 000 for Auto Polo, +48 505 39 34 39 for Auto Polo and +48 91 488 93 50 for Hertz. If you wish you can access all these companies’ websites and e-mail them to reserve a car, so that you can have your vehicle ready when you arrive at Szczecin Airport. Driving and navigating along the road that takes about 45 minutes to the city center can be a little challenging. That's why it's a good idea to take the road with an electronic navigation device or a map, especially on your first trip to the region. You can either deliver your rental car to the offices of the rental companies located in the center or in Szczecin Airport on your way back.

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