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About Strasbourg

Strasbourg, one of the cities in the UNESCO world heritage list, will fascinate you with its unique architecture. Although it is located within the borders of France, Strasbourg is a city that has adopted the German culture. The city is also known as the European capital because the headquarters of many organizations are located here. Strasbourg has become more valuable since it is home to many international organizations such as the European Parliament and the Human Rights Commission. The city has a magnificent landscape; even walking around the city's streets is quite enjoyable and heart-warming because the city architecture was influenced by the Renaissance. The city offers great alternatives for those who like traveling outdoors.

The city has a plenty of parks and green areas so you can go for a walk in the fresh air as you wish. The canal tour across the River Rhine is a great option if you want to explore the city. You will be literally fascinated as you travel the city on the boat surrounded by glass. The Christmas market, one of the most well-known attractions in the city, is one of the important sights in Strasbourg. Notre Dame Cathedral, which is located in the center and square of the city, is also a good sightseeing alternative. You should climb the cathedral's tower and see the view of Strasbourg. Since the city is surrounded by vineyards, it offers quite good options to taste wine. We also suggest you try the city's unique beers and red wines if you like alcohol beverages. You can feast yourself with different tastes of French and German cuisines. You will enjoy a different flavor with the menus served with the red wine of the French cuisine, which is famous for the meat dishes.

Transportation to Strasbourg City Center from Airport

Strasbourg is a city with two distinct titles, "the capital of Europe" and the "Christmas capital". Strasbourg, one of the most important and largest cities in France, colorizes every year during Christmas with many ornaments and activities. It is also home to one of the world's largest open air Christmas markets. The other face of this colorful and fun city is extremely dignified and serious.

The city, which houses the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament, has a very important position in terms of politics. With these features, the city welcomes not only tourists but also businessmen and diplomats. Other important visitors to the city are students, who come to study abroad, who prefer Strasbourg because of the quality of education and. The city, which is bordered by Germany and has a history of flags exchange between the two countries in the past, also contains the influences of both cultures. Strasbourg is known as the ''green city'' thanks to its numerous interior parks and gardens, which are nested within nature and located within the historic architecture.

On the other hand, besides the green, blue is also among the colors of this city thanks to the channels flowing through the city. The city center is quite small and extremely accessible for walking. There is no subway system in the city; there is a tram instead. All tram stops have electronic signage. From these signs you can find out which tram line will pass when. There are machines at the tram stop where you can get your ticket. You can get your ticket by cash or credit card, but if you pay cash, you have to pay attention to the money you give because the machines do not pay you back the odd money.

You should definitely validate your ticket on the machine before boarding the tram. If you coincide with the controls made from time to time while having an invalidated or outdated ticket, you may have to pay a fine.The fines applied to illegal tickets are quite high.

As it is in the whole of Europe, the train has an important place in this city as a means of transport. The main train station in the city center serves passengers with an extremely magnificent building. You can also purchase your ticket by cash or credit card from the machines in the station, and before you board the train, you need to validate your ticket via the machines in the station. You can also take a high-speed train from Strasbourg to Paris.

A very common means of transport in the city is bicycles. In general, in a flat city like Strasbourg, you can explore the city by bicycle. Special lanes reserved for bikes provide safe driving pleasure. Boat tours can also be a choice in the city, which is situated on the banks of the River Rhine and has many canals.

Depending on the weather, you can watch the beauty of this historic city with the boats covered with glass or with open tops. Do not forget that you may have to wait in a line to take the tour because it is very popular among tourists.

The city's airport, Strasbourg International Airport, is located in the Entzheim region and is very close to the city center. It is very easy to reach the city center from the airport located in the Entzheim region 10 kilometers south-west of Strasbourg. Although it does not have a wide range of transportation options, there are plenty of convenient travel options available. There is a public transport service provided by the state and you can reach the city center in as little as 9 minutes.

Other transportation alternatives from the airport to the city center are taxi, hotel shuttles and car rental.


The airport is connected to the train station by a tunnel-shaped bridge. With the shuttle train lines departing every 15 minutes you can reach the splendid main train station building in the city center in just 9 minutes. You can buy your ticket by cash or by credit card from the ticket machine located in the airport or at the station. Before boarding the train, you should definitely have your ticket validated via the machines in the station.

Hotel Shuttles

Many hotels offer shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. First of all you need to contact your hotel to see if they provide this service. If your hotel offers airport shuttle service, you can book in advance by telling the number of people you will be traveling and the amount of your luggage. Your shuttle driver will meet you at the baggage delivery door with a card with your name written on it. You should get information about the price of the airport shuttle service in advance.


If you do not want to use public transport you can reach the city center by taxi. There is a taxi stand at the airport and you can get service for about 40 euros. There is extra charge for luggage and if there is no heavy traffic, your journey lasts about 16 minutes.

Car Rental

You can make benefit of the car rental services available at the airport. For an average of 100 euros you can make a luxurious trip with 4 or 7 seated vehicles. To reach the city center from the airport, connect to the D400 via the D221 and then use the E52 interchange via the A35. Approximately 17 kilometers and 16 minutes later you can reach the city center.

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2017

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Strasbourg flights are organized to Strasbourg Airport, Strasbourg Airport, Strasbourg Railway Station.

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