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About Stornoway

Situated on the Isle of Lewis in the north of the United Kingdom, Stornoway is one of the smallest towns in the country. The population of the town, which is located on the territory of Scotland, is about 12 thousand people. Stornoway, one of the major industrial ports of the region, is also home to one of the most developed harbours in the area.

The trading vessels carrying out commercial activities around the isle use Stornoway Harbour intensively. With the effect of all these features, the town has become an important center of attraction from past to present and the people in the town usually speak English with Scottish accent.

Temperate oceanic climate is influential in Stornoway and its surroundings. However, temperatures do not increase much throughout the year in the town. The air temperature is usually measured around 3-4 degrees during the winter months, while it rises up to 14-15 degrees during the summer months, which are partly more mild and hot. If you are planning to visit the town, you should take your warm clothes whenever you set out on your journey; you should especially pay more attention on this during the winter period.

Although Stornoway is not a place that offers rich and a wide variety of alternatives for food and drinks, you will have a chance to taste the delicious fish and seafood around the town. Especially the tastes like the local sausages which have the same as the town and the smoked salmon are the most recommended tastes for the visitors in the town.

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