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About Sinop

Sinop, which is a city in the northernmost point of Turkey, is located in the Black Sea region. It has a population of approximately 200 thousand people.

In Sinop, where there is not much temperature difference between the seasons, the Black Sea climate is effective. In the city, which receives precipitation throughout the year, the summers are generally not too hot. Similarly, the temperature does not generally drop below zero in the winter months. Steppe climate is experienced rather than rainfall in the inner parts of the city with the effects of mountains and geographical formations.

Sinop Castle, Alaaddin Mosque remaining from the Seljuk Period, Seyyid Bilal Tomb and Karakum Beach are among the must-see places of the city. Erfelek Waterfalls and the small ponds around it are among the beauties that nature offers to human beings. Sinop Manti is the most famous dishes of the city.

Sinop has 8 districts named Boyabat, Ayancık, Dikmen, Durağan, Saraydüzü, Gerze, Erfelek and Türkeli. Sinop Airport, which was closed in 2013 for renovation works, has been put into service again. Thus, the city has become accessible again by all transportation networks.

Transportation to Sinop City Center from Airport

Sinop, the northernmost settlement in Turkey, provides Aegean air with its geographical and coastal waters in the Black Sea. There is an airport in the city which is now on the agenda with its bays, the famous prison which is turned into a museum and the construction of a nuclear power plant which is one of the most important investments of Turkey.

The airport is about 8 kilometers from the city center of Sinop, one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea region. You can get to the city center with shuttle service, minibuses, taxis and private cars

Airport Services

Turkish Airlines and a private airline provide direct flights from Istanbul to Sinop. Passenger services are the most commonly used means of transportation from the airport to the city center. The last stop of the vehicles departing from the airport is in front of Sinop PTT in the city center. They also pass through the Central Bus Station and Sinop Prison.


One of the alternative means to be used for transportation from the airport to the city center is the minibuses. It is possible to reach to the city center in half an hour time with minibuses passing through TOKİ residences, which are considered to be out of city, central bus station and prison in city center.


The taxis serving at the airport waiting ready to depart at the landing time of the flights. The taxis carry you to the city center at the fixed rate from the airport which is 8 kilometers from the center.

Car Rental

Renting a car in Sinop will be an important alternative for transportation and sightseeing. There is a car rental office in the airport. You have to take to Bostancılı Village Road and then Fatih Caddesi with the car you rent from here. This road takes you directly to the Sakarya Street, the most important street passing through the middle of the city.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2017

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