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Simferopol, found within the Ukrainian lands, is the capital of Crimean Peninsula. Now, however, it is governed by the Russian Crimean Republic. The city is the most important area of the Crimean Peninsula for politics, economy and transit. According to the 2015 numbers, with 340 thousand people living in Simferopol, it is known as the capital for Crimean Tatars. Under Russian influence, this area used to be known as Akmescit. Throughout history, governed by the Ottomans, Russians, and Germans, after the independence of Ukraine in 1991, Tatar minorities stayed in this region. Alongside the Salhir River, the temperatures in the city vary from 29°C in the summer to 7°C in the winter.

Both in Ukraine and Crimean Peninsula, Simferopol is of great importance as a touristic city, visited by millions of local and foreign tourists. With a greatly developed transportation network, the international airport was built in 1936. Even though there aren’t as much flights to Simferopol International Airport from Western Europe, there are regular flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga, Kiev and Frankfurt. Also, going to the city center is very easy. You can easily get to the city center by getting on the trolleybus numbered 49.

Cathedrals and mosques found together in the city of Simferopol, it may be a good choice to start travelling from the Lenin Square. Holy Trinity Cathedral, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Kebir Mosque, Vorontsov Palace, and the Simferopol Art Museum are of the places you must visit. Standing out with its local transportation, Simferopol is a city known for the longest trolleybus line in the world with 56 km. The city is separated from other Ukrainian cities when it comes to ethnicity. With a majority of Russian descendants, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars and Belarusians also live in this area.

Transportation to Simferopol City Center from Airport

Simferopol, which is the capital of the Autonomous Republic Crimea, is one of the cities with critical importance in terms of agriculture, trade and industry. Simferopol, which has a very low population ratio, welcomes its visitors at Simferopol International Airport, which is the only airport that provides international transportation services within Crimea. The city center consists of the Lenin Square, which hosts many events, concerts and activities.

It is possible to say that public transportation facilities are good in Simferopol. Minibuses known as Marshrutka in Slavic countries provide transportation to many parts of the city.  It is also possible to travel taking the advantage of buses and trolleybuses. There are four main bus terminals in the city.

These are the Central Terminal, Resort Station, Eastern Station and West Station. Although there is a railway station in the city, the station is only used for intercity or international travel. You can travel from the airport to the city center, railway station, central bus terminal and many of the frequently preferred bus stations by public transportation options. You can take a taxi, rent a car or take the advantage of private shuttle services for a more comfortable journey.


Bus is known as the public transportation which is the most frequently preferred and affordable option for transportation to the city center. The buses depart from the front of the "Krimtrolleybus" sign that you can see in the park area next to the arriving passenger section of the airport. At the station, you can find a bus departing within a few minutes without waiting too much.

The buses also serve at night for transportation to the city center from the airport. The bus number 49 departs at 10-minute intervals directly to the central bus terminal.

49A is a bus line serves at night for transportation to the railway station and the “Resort” bus station. The bus number 98 departs every 15 minutes to the railway station and Kurortnaya Station, which is the central bus station in the western region.

The bus number 100 goes to “Eastern” bus station. The bus number 115 departs at 15-minute intervals on a route similar to the line 98. Travel by bus takes about 30 and 40 minutes.


Trolleybus is also one of the transportation options preferred as much as the buses to reach the city center from the airport. However, tickets for trolleybus cost higher than the buses.  

The trolleybus number 54 departs every 12 minutes for transportation between the airport and the railway station, central bus terminal and “Resort” bus station. The trolleybus number 55 departs to “Kurortnaya” station, city center, central bus terminal and Yalta area at 14-minute intervals. The trolleybus number 9 provides transportation services between the airport and the railway station, central bus terminal and “Resort” bus station.


The taxis that you can easily get at the airport offer a comfortable transportation alternative. If you are planning to take a taxi, it would be useful to bargain with the driver about taxi fare in advance. Instead of taking a taxi, it is also possible to choose from private transportation companies that you can make an online reservation and reach wherever you want to go.

Rent a car

Renting a car is another comfortable transportation option your can prefer in Simferopol. If you want, you can rent a car from the nearby car rental companies after landing at the airport, or you can also make your reservation online to book your car before your flight.

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2017

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