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About Sapporo

Sapporo is the 4th largest city in Japan and the heart of the country's north. It is famous for its wonderful winter festival that is organized every year. Skiing and many other winter sports are also especially popular here. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, beautiful views and vistas await the visitor to this sometimes overlooked city. Additionally, it is a great place to sample traditional Japanese food, especially the unique regional variations Hokkaido offers to Japanese cuisine.

The city is also beautiful in the spring time as well, especially the blossoms in Takino Suzuran National Park, Nakajima Park, and around the Sapporo TV Tower. Children may especially enjoy the Maruyama Park and the Maruyama Zoo. Whether it is to take in the unique beauty of the spring time or the exciting winter sports opportunities, visiting Sapporo is a pleasant and memorable experience any time of the year.

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