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Rimini, which is situated on the eastern coast of Italy, is a wonderful city known for its colorful streets and entertaining life. In Rimini, which is established on one of the oldest settlements of the country, there are historical structures as well as interesting monuments. Rimini, whose beaches and coasts are crowded especially in the summer months, is still an attractive place for those who want to have a quiet and relaxing holiday. The most important places to be visited in the city are historical Tiberius Bridge and San Francesco Church. Other places to be visited in the city are the Malatestiano Chapel, one of the oldest structures of the city, and the museum opened on the name of Federico Fellini, the legend of Italian cinema.

Almost all places that should be visited in the city are close to each other. You can travel around the city by walking without any need to a car. If you want to discover the nearby places, you might consider renting a car. The city can be visited in every period of the year. But if you want to go for swimming and sunbathe on the wonderful beaches of the city, it will be much more appropriate to come here in the summer months.

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