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About Wellington

Australia's windy city Wellington is located approximately 370 kilometers away from the popular port city Sydney. Wiradjuri, which is a branch of the Australian natives, is the first settlers of the region. Wellington, whose development accelerated with the coming of the western residents, gained its today's appearance by beginning from the 1800s.

The region, which was called "Wellington Valley" in those periods, was able to attract many people's attention thanks to gold mining. Today, Wellington is known for growing vegetables and fruits rather than gold. In addition to agricultural activities performed around the river, animal husbandry also generates income for those living here.

You should definitely visit the Cameron Park in Wellington which resembles a resort town rather than a big city with its wonderful nature. In the park, which is great for cycling, skating and skateboarding, you can have a pleasant time with your family. Kimbell's Bakery is probably one of the most beautiful bakeries of the world. You can come across the bakery offering service in its historical building while walking around the center. Being home to interesting works regarding the life of the 19th and 20th centuries, Oxley Museum and St. John Anglican Church are among the other points to visit. In addition, the historical post office, Wellington Train Station and Federal Hotel attract people who want to go back to the past.

All these places are very close to each other. In this way, you can travel on foot or use a bike without the need for any public transportation. 

During your Wellington trip, do not forget to taste delicious dishes from the traditional Australian cuisine. The development of agriculture and animal husbandry in the region is also an indicator of very delicious meat dishes. The city's cuisine also contains interesting flavors such as crocodile and kangaroo meat. If you are open to different experiences, you should definitely give a chance to local dishes. 

If you like seafood, you can try oyster and shrimp which are among the national dishes of the country. In addition, red mullet and wines are delicious to satisfy even gourmet tourists. You can taste the Australian wines which are very famous in the world, in the city's restaurants or cafes. 

In addition to all these, it is possible to talk about a barbecue culture in the country. Families, who come together at weekends especially when the weather gets warmer, enjoy barbecue fire in the backyards of their houses. If you receive such an invitation during your Wellington trip, definitely consider joining one of these barbecue parties.

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