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About Ponca City

Ponce, the second largest city in Puerto Rico, which is an island country in the Caribbean Sea, is known as the "Pearl of the South" throughout the country. The city, whose full name is Juan Ponce De Leon y Loayza, is home to a population of over 440 thousand people. Ponce, which is the second largest city in Puerto Rico which earns significant income from the tourism as an island country in the Caribbean, contributes to its country in this respect.

Ponce, which provides a significant income to the island that is autonomous in its internal affairs and dependent to USA in its foreign affairs but organizes its own tax and income system, has many architectural buildings that are very attractive tourist destinations. There are many places to visit in the city which has a new architectural style with large balconies, high ceilings and single-layer structures. Some of these places are Armstrong-Puventud House, Wiechers-Villaronga House, Museum of Porto Rico Music, Lions Fountain and Ponce Municipality Building.

The coasts and beaches of the city are also very important in terms of tourism. Its airport plays an important role for the tourism of the country. Mercedita Airport, which is located 6 kilometers of the city center and 9 kilometers of the coast, is one of the airports offering transportation to the country from the USA.  

Weather in Ponca City

DayMin - Max
SaturdayMin 20ºC - Max 27ºC
SundayMin 21ºC - Max 26ºC
MondayMin 20ºC - Max 29ºC
TuesdayMin 20ºC - Max 33ºC
WednesdayMin 21ºC - Max 35ºC

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