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About Nanjing

The historic Nanjing city is the capital city of Jiangsu province in the east of China, and it is also the place where important educational and research projects of the country are carried out. One of the three major chemical sciences and research centers in the world is operating in Nanjing. The city, which is also an important cargo center thanks to Nanjing Port, one of the largest and busiest ports in the world, was declared a National Civilization City by the United Nations in 2008. Contrary to China's general, 60% of the urban economy makes a living by the service industry. Thanks to the information technology, intelligent energy, renewable energy, intelligent equipment built in Nanjing, the city industry continues to develop rapidly. R & D centers in internationally successful brands such as Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo continue to operate in the city.

In Nanjing, one of the central railway cities of China, which has been able to receive investment in technology and economy in the last quarter of a century, trains and high-speed trains to and from surrounding cities accelerate and facilitate transportation. In addition to the metro line that covers the entire city with 136 stations, the buses offer public transport in Nanjing. Airplanes departing from Lukou International Airport can travel to 85 different destinations around the world, especially in China.

Nanjing has a population of 8 million, which can be considered low in China, the world's most populous country. Historic sites such as Ming Palace, Stone Town, Chaotian Palace, Porcelain Tower and Drum Tower are among the most popular tourist places visited by tourists. The Qinhuai River, Xuanwu Lake and Purple Mountain, which are fascinating nature lovers, are also major tourist attractions. Nanjing Library, Nanjing Museum and Art Museum in Nanjing, a cultural city, exhibits many important works of Chinese history of hundreds of years.

Transportation to Nanjing City Center from Airport

There are several ways to get to Nanjing city center from Nanjing Lukou Airport. The most popular options are metro, shuttle and regular city buses, taxi and Uber, transfer and car rental services. It takes a maximum of 1 hour from the airport, which is 35 kilometers away from the city, to Nanjing.


It is quite common to use metro in Nanjing. Because of this, there is a subway line called S1 (Airport Line) which provides continuous transportation between Nanjing Lukou Airport and Nanjing city center. In fact, we can say that the cheapest way to get to the city from the airport is to use the metro. You can get your metro ticket for only 6 Chinese Yuan and get off at one of the city center metro stops. You can reach the city center by metro within 30 minutes. When you use this route which is also called Line 1, you reach Shinjiekou, which is considered as a central district of the city.


The most affordable and reliable way to reach the city center from Nanjing Lukou Airport is to use the shuttle buses that are operated by the airport. There are two shuttle bus routes, Line 1 and Line 2. With Line 1 you can easily go both to bus and railway station from Nanjing airport and with the Line 2 you can easily go to the central bus station and the hotels located in the center. As of 2016, shuttle service costs 20 Chinese Yuan. At the end of the 40-minute bus journey you arrive at Nanjing city center.


When you exit the airport arrival terminal you would see the taxi stands. If you are in a rush, or if you have arrived late at night and do not want to wait for public transport, taking a taxi might be a good idea for you. The taxi fare from Nanjing Lukou Airport to the city center can vary around 90-120 Chinese Yuan, depending on where you want to go. It is very practical to reach Drum Bell Square for 105 yuan and to Nanjing railway station for 120 yuan by taxi.

In addition, it is possible to reach Nanjing in a comfortable, fast and very economical way by using Uber system. There is only one thing you need to do to benefit from this system: you should either download Uber application to your smart phone or by following it on the internet.

Car Rental

There are a lot of foreign car rental companies at the airport because it is an international one. You can choose one of these companies and head to Nanjing city center. You can also save time by using express highway which shortens this distance significantly.

Last Updated: 02 Jan 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Nanjing?

Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data of all airlines that have flights from your preferred departure point to your Nanjing destination. You can see all Nanjing flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

To which airport are the flights to Nanjing arranged?

Nanjing flights are organized to Nanjing Lukou Intl. Airport, Nanjing South Railway Station.

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