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About Mwanza

Mwanza is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria in the northwest of Tanzania and in terms of population is the second largest city in the country. The city has a port, which is important for the economy of the region. It borders with Uganda in the northwest and Kenya in the northeast. The city is also known as the tribal capital, where the Wasukuma tribe, one of the oldest tribes of Tanzania, lived densely and a traditional way of life.

Lake Victoria is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and is very important for the Mwanza people. They fish for Nile Perch and Sardine and export to all over the world. Most of the city's population are fishermen and fish on the lake. Also agricultural activities based on tea, cotton and coffee production constitute to the main sources of income. What makes the city a tourism stop is its proximity to Rubondo Island National Park and its a good starting point for the West Serengeti tour. It is also worth exploring its villages and farms where the tribe culture is still alive. In the city, you can experience different experiences such as watching the acrobatics of the rock pythons, attending the local dance called Ngoma and touring the lake by traditional boats. The geographical difference of Mwanza, which is called the 'rock city', is the strange-shaped granite rocks formations spread over a wide area. These rocks, which date back to ancient times, are one of the money making areas in the world for photographers and it is very popular in tourism. The city, which has a tropical climate, receives heavy rainfall during the summer.

The city is connected to the nearby regions by road, rail and sea - lake ferry transportation and buses are used the most in the internal transportation of the city. You can reach Mwanza Airport, which is 11 kilometers away from the city by taxi or rental car in about half an hour.

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Mwanza flights are organized to Mwanza Airport.

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