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Considered as the place where the Civil Rights Movement arose, the capital city Montgomery on the eastern coast of the Alabama River is a center of attraction for local and foreign tourists. Visiting Rosa Parks Library and Museum can be an educational activity to spend quality time with your children.

You can visit the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts with its large collection of artworks and impressive garden of sculptures. In addition to a series of ordinary exhibitions, there are also impressive permanent collections in the museum, such as African art works, decorative porcelains, American patterns on the paper, works of the regional art in the southeastern US and 20th-century photography works. You can attend the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, which is one of the biggest Shakespeare festivals of the world, in the Carolyn Blount Theater. Let us remind you of the fact that you can have this unique experience only in Montgomery. you can spend an active day in walking tracks of Wynton M. Blount Culture Park, covering an area of 250 decares and locating both the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and around the pond.

In the Alabama Department of Archives and History Museum, which is an amazing spot for history lovers, you can explore the stories behind the development of the State of Alabama. Moreover, the building constructed at the beginning of the century is one of the most impressive architectural pieces in the city. You can spend half a day in the museum and the park near it. In Riverfront Park, you can have a walk within nature, go to the river by boat and have a picnic. You can re-experience the Jazz Age in Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum. In the first and only museum on earth, you can find so many items that belong to them.

You can visit the Civil Rights Memorial Center in commemoration of those who died during the Civil Rights Movement. On this memorial, there are passages from Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a Dream”. In order to experience the dark side of Montgomery, you can go on a night tour towards the mystic legends of the city. On this tour, on a funeral vehicle, you may put a strain on your nerves, however, you may have an exciting adventure if you are curious about mystic events. The legendary blues and jazz club Sous La Terre is opened at midnight and stays open till wee hours of the morning at weekend. This underground club, where you can have fun on the dance floor with live performances, is a place that cannot be skipped by the locals and tourists. If you are interested in rare, old stuff, you should visit Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Dealers from whom you can choose souvenirs for your both home and beloved ones.

You can have a look at the Civil War possessions that remained from 1920s, and personal collection of Jefferson Davis and his Family by visiting the first White House of the confederation. With more than 500 animals from five different continents, Montgomery Zoo is an ideal zoo for animals to have a natural and unhindered habitat. Here, you can spend a nice time with your children, take a tour by train or take a walk to explore. You can witness the recent history around the fountain at the Court Square, where slaves used to be sold by auction in the past. You can throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish, just like the local people do. If you would like to experience the past life of Alabama, you can join the guided tours organized to the former Alabama County of the 19th century.

In Montgomery, where you can find the examples from the world and American cuisines, you can enjoy a lot of red meat and BBQ sauce. The best period to travel to Montgomery is the time between April and October.

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