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About Mazar I Sharif

Mazar I Sharif, located in the northern part of Afghanistan, is considered one of the most important centers of the region. The climate in the city, reflecting the characteristic of Afghanistan which is a high and mountainous country, is terrestrial. The economy of the city, which has a developed transportation network, is mainly based on cotton production and processing. First of the places that can be visited in the city are Firdevsi Square, Hazrat Ali Tomb and Bagh-e-Hozoor. After visiting the city, you can also visit Belh which is about half an hour away. Here you can see the house where Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi was born.

Among the things that can be done in the city are the Nevruz celebrations, which are the stage of multi-colored displays held in March. It is also considered the center of Afghanistan's traditional sport, buzkashi. Especially handmade ornaments and carpets attract attention in the city, which has a wealth of shopping options. You can also find textile products made of cotton in Mazar I Sharif, which is an important center with regards to cotton growing. Be sure to enjoy the taste of Afghan rice pilaf prepared with chicken meat and various spices in the city which offers traditional alternatives for eating and drinking.

Transportation to Mazar I Sharif City Center from Airport

Mazar I Sharif, a border town close to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, is the most important and biggest city of Behl Region located in the north of Afghanistan. Due to its geographical location, it has a very strategic position both in terms of politics and transport.

The city has taken its name from the belief that Ali's grave is here. The city center is made up of straight blocks that spread around Ali's tomb and cut each other perpendicularly. When you move towards the city center, all the roads would take you to this big square with the tomb, surrounded by greenery.

Already the intersection of the other roads is also squares. The traffic rules are not generally applied in the city, and as a result, there is a feeling of chaos in the roads. Traffic is almost always cramped.

Bikes and motorcycles are frequently used means of transportation in the city center. It is possible to see luxury cars and horse-drawn cars in traffic together. Mazar I Sharif railroad connects it with the neighbor Uzbekistan and the train reaches the city center. Priority in rail transport is not human transport but merchandise transport. This makes Mazar I Sharif an important trade transfer point for Afghanistan, beyond being a religious destination.

Although there are buses for long distance journeys, transportation in the city center is provided by special vehicles. From here you can go to the capital city of Kabul by bus or plane. If you want to see Belh, the birthplace of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, you can reach this old settlement with a 30-minute car journey.

The Mazar I Sharif International Airport is quite small and does not offer transportation to the city center by public transport. You can reach the city center by taxi, rental car or hotel shuttles from the airport which is 12 kilometers east of the city center. The airport does not have regular services. You have to ask when you get there.

Hotel Shuttle

Although it is very easy to find in a hostel or motel Mazar I Sharif, there are not much bigger hotels. You should check with your hotel whether or not they provide a shuttle service and make reservation in advance so that they can pick you up from the airport.


Taxi is means of transportation that is frequently used to get to the city center from the airport. If there is not much traffic, you can reach the city center in 16 minutes. It’s a good idea to have a deal about the fare with the taxi driver before you take the cab.

Car Rental

Renting a car is the most preferred method of transportation in Mazar I Sharif since you need to negotiate price with taxis, there are problems about public transportation and it is very convenient for those who want to go to surrounding cities.

Since the roads are not generally asphalt, the Jeep is the most preferred type of vehicle. You can reach the city center in about 16 minutes on a straight road for about 12 kilometers after connecting to the AH76 motorway from the airport connection road.

If you rent a car during your travel, you should be aware that traffic rules are not strictly applied in the city.

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2017

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