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About Mashhad

Mashhad, Iran's largest city after Tehran, is the administrative center of Razavi Horasan State. The city with a population of about 3 million is on the historic Silk Road.

In Mashhad, which has a border with Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, there is the grave of Imam Riza, an important figure in the name of Islam. The meaning of the name of the city comes from the word "martyrdom". Shahnameh, the most important work for Iranian literature, is also written here by Ferdowsi.

The desert effect is seen in the city where the semi-arid climate is dominant. In summer, when the hottest months are experienced, the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius. January is the coldest month with an average of -3 degrees Celsius. Especially winter evenings are quite cold.

Every year, 2 million people from abroad come to this region to see the sacred places. 55 per cent of the hotels in Iran are located in this region. The International Exhibition Center here also hosts dozens of events each year. Mashhad is also the heart of the leather industry. Besides Imam Reza mausoleum, Nadir Shah and Hace Rabi mausoleums are some of the places to be seen.

Transportation to Mashhad City Center from Airport

In Mashhad there is a common ticketing system for all public transport such as city trains and buses. In this ticket system you need to buy one way ticket "Man Card" or double way ticket if you want to benefit from public transport in Mashhad which offers visitors and local people two different options. Man Card tickets are valid only on city buses and suburban trains. If you buy Man Card, you can go to the spot that you want in the city at a reasonable price.

The city's two main transportation means, Mashhad buses and suburban trains, have separate websites and these sites have an English language option. Therefore, it is possible that you will be able to access the most up-to-date information about these means of transportation in a short time to facilitate your access. You can choose to take bus, taxi, and car rental or city train options to reach the city from Mashhad Airport, which is only 5.1 kilometers away from Mashhad city center.


In Mashhad, where the main railway station is located at Hejrat Square, there are suburban trains that serve the city as well as train services that go outside the city.

From Mashhad Airport you can get into the city in a very short time thanks to these trains. The most popular and economical means of transport within the city of Mashhad are suburban and express trains. The length of the Line 1 train line is 235 kilometers in total.

The Line 1 suburban line provides transportation between Nakhrisi, the eastern region of Mashhad, and Vakilabad, the western part of the city, and the journey lasts for a total of 30 minutes. Almost half of the stops on the route are underground, while the rest is on the ground.

Mashhad Airport is also on the Line 1 train line. The Line 1 line, which has 24 stations in total, serves between 6 am and 10 pm working hours with a daily capacity of 170 thousand passengers.

Mashhad is the only city in Iran with a suburban train / metro connection between the airport and the city center. The Mashhad trains, which will provide direct access to many more points with the completion of the Line 2 and Line 3 lines, are among the first preferences of tourists.


There are quite a number of city buses operating day and night in Mashhad, and all these buses provide transportation service to almost every point of the city. Each bus stop has a clear map of the city's road route, hang on the stop. With this map, it is very practical to go to the place you want by riding the correct bus.

If you buy "Man Card" which means "my card" in Turkish, you can benefit from both Mashhad buses and trains at any time. In the city, you must absolutely validate your card when get on or off  the bus.

It is quite simple to buy tickets because there are ticket vending machines at most of the stops, as well as at stations and terminals. Since the buses are extremely luxurious and modern, the name of the next stop is read aloud before coming to it, and it is also a great convenience to know where you are going clearly.


You can come across a number of private taxi companies waiting at the exit of the Mashhad airport terminal, as well as taxi companies operating under the airport management. Since the price tags of the ones operating under the airport management, you have the possibility to travel at more convenient prices. The taxi to the city center of Mashhad from the airport costs about 8-10 TL.

Car Rental

There are many car rental companies’ offices in Mashhad airport terminal. It is also possible for you to easily reach both the Mashhad and the nearby cities by renting your car in advance with a reservation or at the airport.

Last Updated: 12 Jul 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Mashhad?

Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data of all airlines that have flights from your preferred departure point to your Mashhad destination. You can see all Mashhad flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

To which airport are the flights to Mashhad arranged?

Mashhad flights are organized to Shahid Hasheminejad Intl. Airport.

Which airlines have direct flights to Mashhad from which cities?

Jazeera Airways organizes direct flights to Mashhad from Kuwait. Iran Air Tours organizes direct flights to Mashhad from Dubai.

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