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About Macon

Macon is known as "the heart of Georgia" and is located right in the center of the state, befitting its name that it is known as. Thanks to the educational institutions, Mercer University and Middle Georgia State College, the city has a fairly young population. Besides, the star of the city is not only its education, for a long time it has been shining in trade, tourism and many other fields. Especially when compared to other cities of the United States, Macon stands out with its affordable prices and comfortable life style.

A savannah climate is seen in the city. This means long and warm spring months and hot summer months. The winter months are not too hard. In general, it is possible to say that temperate mild climate conditions are seen. While the average temperature in Macon is around 8 degrees in the winter, it reaches 30 degrees in the summer.

In Macon, which hosts numerous organisations throughout the year, organises the Georgia National Fair which brings together many visitors from inside and outside the country. The Cherry Blossom Festival that takes place in spring is celebrated in a festive mood. Among the dazzling cherry blooms, it is possible to watch a variety of entertainment showcases that are organised.

Music is very important in Macon and is the birthplace of many singers, including Emmett Miller. All various styles of concerts and festivals are organised in the city. The Macon Film Festival, which is held in the third weekend in July, is the dates that many film enthusiasts wait for.

In the city, the Allman Brothers Band Museum is known as the 'Big House' and here you can see interesting artifacts about the life of the group. The Tubman Museum, which reflects African culture and art, and the Macon Museum of Art and Science are among other great places to visit in Macon. If you want to walk around the parks of the city, you can take a walk around Bloomfield Park. In both places like Freedom Park and East Macon Park you can go cycling and once summer arrives you can have a picnic on the grass lawns.

The citys population is close to 300 thousand people and sports are extremely important. In areas such as football, golf, basketball and ice hockey, the city has long been famous. Teams such as Macon Baco and Macon Mayhem are followed with great enthusiasm.

To reach the center of Macon, you can choose Middle Georgia Regional Airport which is just a few kilometers away. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is approximately 85 kilometers away and makes transportation to the region much easier thanks to direct flights from the leading cities of the USA and Europe.

Transportation to Macon City Center from Airport


Macon Downtown Airport

Smart Airport, which is located in the south-east of Macon, is visited by many domestic and foreign travelers every year. You can easily reach the city center from the airport by taking metro, train, taxi, bus, hotel shuttle service or by renting a car.

Rent a car

Renting a car is a frequently preferred transportation option to reach the city center from the airport. There are the offices of many car rental companies around the airport. Before your journey, you can make a reservation from a car rental company or you can contact your hotel to help you with this. In addition, you can also get detailed information about the traffic by dialing 511 on your phone in the area you are in and you can easily organize your route.


One of the most frequently used means of transportation, the metro is also known as the cheapest transportation system though it is relatively slow. The metro line is frequently preferred for the transportation to the city center from the airport because it is very affordable. By metro you can get on at the airport station, you can get off the metro station closest to your hotel.


On your way to the city center from the airport, you can travel by someone else's car for a certain fee in car-sharing system, especially a system frequently used by the tourists. By making the transportation a lot easier for the visitors on the same route, this type of transportation is also important in terms of preventing traffic congestion.

Hotel Shuttle Services

You can get detailed information about hotel shuttle services by contacting your hotel before your journey or by listing the accommodation places that offer hotel shuttle service during your reservation. The hotels generally offer airport shuttle service at their guests' request. The shuttles pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your hotel. The number of the passengers and luggage can cause the price to change. You can contact the hotel authorities for the most accurate information.


You can quickly reach the city center from the airport by taking the advantage of the 24-hour train network that connects different terminals and parking spaces.


You can reach the city center in approximately one hour by bus, which you can take from the bus stations in the airport terminal. You can easily take the advantage of the buses thanks to the tickets you can buy from the bus agencies or by booking your seat online in advance.


Taxi fare may seem a bit expensive considering the distance between the airport and the city center. You can prefer bargaining with the driver before taking a taxi from the airport. You can also book a taxi in advance if you want to pay less for taxi fare. The number of luggage and passengers may cause the taxi fare to change.

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