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About Leicester

Located in the Eastern Midlands region of England, Leicester is considered to be the administrative center of the county to which it belongs. The tribe known as the "Corieltauvians" who lived in the area in old times were the first known settlers in Leicester, one of the oldest settlements in the country. It is estimated that the name of the city has become "Leicester" as derived from a camp site located near the River Legro (an early name for the River Soar).

Although it is known that the last King of York Richard III who died in the War of the Roses, which ended in 1485, was buried in a church in Leicester, there is no clear information about which church it is. Today, about 450 thousand people live in Leicester, one of the fastest growing cities in England. The production facilities built in the city, which developed and gained power with the effect of the Industrial Revolution, have made Leicester one of the important trading cities of the country, accelerating the development of the region.

You can easily explore Leicester and its surroundings whenever you prefer to visit the city throughout the year. The National Space Center, which is also the Britain's only space center, is one of the first things that spring to mind as one of the places that must be seen by those who come to the city. The Jewry Wall Museum, where you can see the ancient Roman ruins, is especially one of the first stops of history enthusiasts. The places like Bradgate Park and Abbey Park where you can have a goodtime, especially with young children are ready to welcome the visitors in Leicester.

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