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About Krakow

Poland’s second largest city Krakow stands out for its history and architecture. The city has a population of 760,000 and is divided into 18 districts. The Old Town is in the 1st district known as Stare Miasto. The city, which the Vistula River runs through, stands out as being the country’s major academic, cultural, artistic, and economic center. It was also the capital of Poland between the 11th and 16th centuries. Temperatures in the city fall to 2 degrees Celsius during the winter and reach an average of 23 degrees in the summer. Located in the Old Town, the Wawel Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Florianska Street is a great place to walk around as it is filled with historic and charming buildings. The Kazimierz District features incredible structures bearing Renaissance architecture that visitors must see. The Pawilon Wyspianski is a unique example of modern architecture in the Old Town. The John Paul II International Airport Krawkow-Balice, which was named in honor of Pope John Paul II, is located 11 km from the city center. There are many direct flights to this airport from major European cities. The train station, which offers access to Krakow from major cities like Prague, Budapest, and Vienna, is located in the city center. The best thing about the city center is that you can explore it on foot. You can get to the city’s major attractions on foot without the need for any public transportation. Things to do in the city include walking along Royal Road, which some of the most important landmarks in the city are situated along, enjoying the trumpet call (hejnal mariacki) from the Stain Mary’s Church, and going for a stroll in the lush Planty Park. The city’s most important events include the Jewish Culture Festival, the Krakow Film Festival and the Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival. 

Transportation to Krakow City Center from Airport

Krakow, beautified by the Vistula, Poland's longest river, attracts tourists not only because of being a center of culture and art but also because of the buildings remaining from the middle ages and the world's oldest fabric market.

Krakow invites you to a travel into history. It offers an unforgettable experience with its castles, museums and natural beauties defying the years. Although there is no metro, trams are very popular in Krakow, which is quite successful in terms of city planning. Buses serving during the most part of the day are the main transportation vehicles in the city.

Trains that depart from the railway station, which has a history of nearly 300 years and is admired by everyone with its historical structure, offer the opportunity of long distance transportation. Since many places to visit in Krakow is very close to each other, it is possible to see all the beauties of the city by using the perfectly designed pedestrian paths.

John Paul II Airport, which is not very close to the city center, offers service to international flights. There are many options to get to the city center from the John Paul II Airport, which is 15 km of Krakow. Especially taxi, bus, train and minibus are among the commonly used transportation vehicles for going to the city center. Car rental is another option you can consider.


You have chance to take a taxi whenever you want at the airport where the vehicles of Krakow Airport Taxi offer service. It is a licensed taxi company offering taxi service every day and every hour. You can reach the city center in about 15 minutes by getting on a taxi from the taxi stands found at the airport. You can make a reservation by contacting the taxi company in advance.


Two separate bus services are provided at the airport, including public and private bus services. Public buses operate in the daytime with the bus routes 208 and 292; and in the nighttime bus route 902 offers service for the passengers. Private buses allow you to go to different parts of the city with four separate vehicles. To get on the buses, you need to get a ticket in advance.


The train station is located behind the passenger terminal. As being the fastest option, it is possible to reach the city center in just 17 minutes by train. In addition, the availability of air conditioning, Wi-Fi and power outlets on trains offers an amazing comfort. The trains operate between 05:00 am and 12:00 at midnight.

Car Rental

In order to rent a car, you can contact with car rental companies Avis, Budget, Panek or Sixt. By renting an affordable and quality car you can get to the city center in 20 minutes from the airport.

Last Updated: 01 Jul 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Krakow?

Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data of all airlines that have flights from your preferred departure point to your Krakow destination. You can see all Krakow flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

To which airport are the flights to Krakow arranged?

Krakow flights are organized to Krakow John Paul II Intl. Airport.

Which airlines have direct flights to Krakow from which cities?

Flydubai organizes direct flights to Krakow from Dubai. Norwegian Air Shuttle organizes direct flights to Krakow from Stavanger.

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