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About Komotini

Komotini, which is located in the Western Thrace part of Greece, is a city where the population of Turkish origin lives intensively. It is estimated that the city is named after the "coal dealer grandma”, who is known to be one of the first settlers of Komotini.

The city, which had been under Ottoman rule for many years, was taken over by Bulgaria for some time, but later it was included in the borders of Greece. There are a lot of Turkish neighborhoods such as Çayüstü, Harmanlık, and Mastalık in Komotini. It is known that nearly half of the population living in the city, which is located close to the Turkish border, is of Turkish origin.

The clock tower built during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamit II is one of the most important symbols of the city. You can also see different Ottoman works in the city such as the New Mosque. You can see the traces of the Ottomans in the old houses you will see while walking around the city.

In general, the terrestrial Mediterranean climate is effective in Komotini. There are no big differences in temperatures throughout the year. For a more comfortable visit you might prefer going to Komotini in the spring and summer months. Apart from the restaurants where you can try delicious Greek dishes and mezes, there are also different alternatives in the city where you can find Turkish dishes.

Though Komotini is not a city on the seaside, you can easily reach the coastal areas with a short car journey, enjoying the sea and the sun in the countryside. You can reach Komotini by airway or by land from Turkey or the important centers of Greece.

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