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King George Island, the largest island in Antarctica connected to the South Shertland Islands, is made up of three large gulfs. From these gulfs, the Admiralty Bay has three fjords that are owned and protected as the 'specially managed area' under the Antarctic Environmental Protection Protocol.

Due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle, King George Island is under the influence of the cold arctic climate and the temperature seldom increases to plus values. Due to these difficult and harsh climatic conditions, King George Island, which is not always suitable for human and community life, hosts a wide variety of animals, sea creatures and bird species. However, there are research stations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Akvator, South Korea, Peru, Poland, Russia, Uruguay and the United States in King George Island, although there is no local community of people living in the island. The research teams working at these stations are working on geology, biology and ecology.

In addition to the hangars and checkpoints set up by research teams at King George Island, there is airplane, bank, post office, café, basketball court, and two churches, one Catholic and one Orthodox, in the island. The Orthodox Church, a very small wooden building, creates a fairy-tale image under the snow, especially in the dark nights, with the yellow lantern at its entrance door.

King George Island's only visitors are not animal species and research teams. There is also a tourist hotel on the island and the city is often visited by adventurous nature lovers. Almost all of these visits are organized by tour companies and all basic needs are met by tour companies. To observe these interesting lands, which are very different from the rest of the world, and special creatures such as penguins or sea lions, many people face up difficult weather and transportation conditions every year.

King George Island is urging those who want to see the world with a different perspective and the discovery enthusiasts to struggle with cold weather conditions.

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To which airport are the flights to King George Island arranged?

King George Island flights are organized to Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Airport.

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