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Khashm al-Girba is located in Kassala province, east of Sudan. Just 4 km south of the city, which is just on the bank of the Atbarah River, there is a dam and resulting lake. The water supply that it provides is very important for the barren land of Khashm al-Qabba, because the city has a desert climate and there is no precipitation in the whole year. The average yearly temperature is around 29C, but it should be noted that the actual temperatures are much higher. It is not possible to talk about an advanced public transport system in Khashm al-Girba, but the city does have an airport that allows it to be reached from the capital and from other distant points. Khashm al-Khalba is not a touristic city, but if there is enough time to visit the city, it is recommended to go to Kassala, which is 90 km north-east of the city and the provincial capital. Here you can see interesting rock formations and earth mosques.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Khashm El Girba?

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To which airport are the flights to Khashm El Girba arranged?

Khashm El Girba flights are organized to Khashm El Girba Airport.

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