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Kharkhorin is located in the Ovorhangai province and is situated in the middle of the country Mongolia. It was established in the Orkhun Valley and the town is very close to the ancient town of Karakurum, which was the capital of the country for a while. The towns population is close to 15 thousand people and the economy of the town is generally driven by agriculture and tourism. Grain agriculture is one of the most important sources of income for the region.

When you visit the town, you can visit Orkhon Valley which is included within UNESCO's World Heritage List with its historical importance. The historical monastery from the 16th century and the museum are also worth visiting, where you can find many related things about the regional culture. The Naiman Nuur region, which fascinates visitors with its exquisite nature, is famous for its extraordinary lakes. With a day trip there, you can witness the wonderful views that will forever stay in your memory.

Taken under protection by Turkey, the Bilge Khan Monument is another important monument to visit in the region. Tovkhon Monastery promises to take you on a spiritual journey as much as a cultural one. If you want to visit the area on horseback, you can participate in the horseback tours near the city center.

If you arrive in the town, especially during the summer months, you will see many places where you can taste the local dishes. In the small cafes and restaurants in the town the prices are very reasonable. If you want to taste more local flavors, don't forget that you can try other towns nearby.

There is an airport in Kharkhorin which is a small town in Mongolia, with flights to the capital Ulan Bator. By local shuttle services that you can book in advance or by taxi you can transfer from the airport to the center of the small town Kharkhorin in Mongolia.

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