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Located 200 km west of the Nile River, Kharga is set up in an oasis in the West Desert. Kharga is one of the most modern of Egyptian oasis. In this desert city founded by contemporary architect you can meet almost all your needs and you feel like you are in an ordinary city, not in the middle of the desert. The city is surrounded by palm, acacia and jujube trees.

Kharga is literally under the influence of the desert climate. In December, January and February, the temperature is relatively low, but it is measured over an average of 3 degrees Celsius a year. When there is extreme heat in the noon hours, the temperature can show a sudden decrease at night hours. The city, which only has receives rainfall in September, at very low amounts, is completely dry. As long as you are in the city, you should be careful to wear clothes that protect your skin from the sun and desert sand.

The caravan route connecting Northern Egypt and Sudan from north to south and used for the transportation and trade of goods such as gold, spices, wheat and animals in the past is still open today. It is a route that is often used by adventurers, especially those who want to experience desert travel.

The Hibis Temple located 2 kilometers north of the city center is a well preserved large historical heritage built between 400 and 600 BC. Likewise, the El Bagawat Christian Cemetery, estimated to date from the 3rd to the 7th century, is another ancient ruin that should be seen. Archaeological works in the city and its surroundings are still going on. For the lovers of history, Kharga has a really rich archetype. Knowledgeable interpreters and guides still make travel more meaningful.

There is a railroad linking the city to the Red Sea and the Nile River. It is possible to go to the surrounding oasis with buses. The airport is located about 8 kilometers from the city center.

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