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Higuero is a small town in the north-west of the Dominican Republic's Santo Domingo province. While some parts of the city are made up of really old and disorganized buildings, new settlements with big and modern buildings are being built in the city. The airport, which has international competence, in the west of Higuero, is called La Isabella or Dr.Joaquin Balaguer Airport.

Higuero is a city under the influence of tropical climate. The temperature is measured over 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year. A temperature difference of close to 10 degrees can be experienced during the day. July and August are the warmest times of the year, while January and February are the coldest times of the city. The rainy season runs from June until December, and severe storms can occur in this period.

While urban transportation is mostly provided by buses, it may be difficult to distinguish buses and routes for a tourist, and asking questions may not work as drivers do not speak a foreign language. Even if the taxi seems to be the best means of transportation for visitors, you should absolutely try to negotiate with the driver beforehand about the place to be traveled and fare.

Higuero is a city built on a very green land. This is why you can find beautiful areas where you can go for a walk or have a picnic.

Take care not to use expensive clothes and accessories when traveling in the city. Do not carry a lot of cash or valuables with you. Also take care not to consume the mains water to protect against infectious diseases and take protective measures against mosquito bites.

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