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Huelva, which is located in the autonomous region of Andalusia, in the southwest of Spain, is a wonderful city generally preferred by the holidaymakers coming from the nearby cities. In the city, which is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, the summer months are hot and sunny while the winter months are moderate. The closest airport to the city is located in Seville which is 110 kilometers away. If you are planning to visit Huelva, you can easily reach the city by landing at Seville and then getting on a train or bus from the airport. In addition, you can discover a different country by crossing the Portugal border which is very close to the city. Plaza De Las Monjas, Huelva Museum, Colon Statue and Huelva Cathedral are among the places to visit in the city. Culture and art life is also very lively in Huelva. You can also spend enjoyable time by joining the events held in the city all the year round.  

Transportation to Huelva City Center from Airport


Huelva Airport

Located in the Andalusian region of Spain, Huelva is also one of the most important centers of the country near the Portuguese border. Visitors usually prefer Seville Airport, which is about 110 kilometers away from the city center, to get to Huelva that is a complete holiday city. It is also attractive to reach the city via Portugal, thanks to its location that is very close to the border.

The city of Faro in Portugal is approximately 120 kilometers away from Huelva. The third alternative for those who cannot find a suitable flight to these two cities is Jerez Airport, which is located 182 kilometers away from Huelva.

For transportation to Huelva city center from these three cities, you can take advantage of the alternatives such as car rental, taxi, bus, and airport transfer services. However, there may be periodic differences in the availability of these options. Before you go on your journey, it would be useful to search for available transportation options during your journey and then prepare your travel plan accordingly. Buses from Seville Airport to Huelva are the most economical means of transportation compared to other alternatives. You can reach the city easily at affordable prices by taking a bus departing from the airport. Alternatively, you can also take a taxi, rent a car, or take advantage of hotel shuttle services at the airport.

If you would like to make your trip more luxurious and special, you can also rent a limousine. You will also have many options to spend time before or after your flight at Seville International Airport, one of the busiest airports in Spain and Europe. The airport offers its passengers a restaurant offering a delicious selection of Spanish and international cuisine, duty-free areas, stores, and buffets that you can buy newspapers, magazines and many other things you may need.

If you would like to spend time in a comfortable environment and enjoy privileged services while waiting for your flight, you should definitely experience exclusive passenger lounges at Seville Airport. In addition to many services at the airport, you can also perform many banking transactions using the ATMs, as well as you can rent a car using the counters of the rental companies providing a wide variety of cars in any color and model.


Taking a bus is the most affordable option for transportation to Huelva from the airport. Summer season is especially crowded with visitors in Huelva, known as a real holiday city. During this period, frequent bus services are arranged between the airport and the city center. It takes a little longer than one hour to get to the city center by getting on buses to Huelva. Bus fares may vary depending on the overcrowdedness, but it is usually possible to reach Huelva from the airport by paying a fee of 10-20 Euros.


You can also prefer taking a taxi in front of the terminal building to reach Huelva city center from the airport. Moreover, taxi is one of the most convenient and comfortable options especially for passengers traveling with heavy luggage. However, considering that the distance from Seville Airport to Huelva is about 110 kilometers, it wouldn't be so economical to take a taxi to reach Huelva. Alternatively, you can prefer this option to get to Seville city center and transfer to alternative vehicles here. Yet still, if you would like to get to Huelva from the airport by taxi, you can negotiate with taxi drivers before you take a taxi, so you can lower taxi fare a little.

Shared Taxi

If there are other passengers going to Huelva, you can enjoy sharing the taxi with these passengers and share the taxi fare. If you are traveling with a crowded group, you can also get to Huelva taking advantage of this option as a shared taxi. In order to avoid the risk of high taxi fares, you can negotiate with the taxi drivers waiting for the passengers in front of the terminal building for a flat rate.

Rent a car

The public transport facilities are quite limited to reach Huelva and so car rental is one of the best options for traveling from the airport to Huelva city center and around. Moreover, you can also easily see many great places in and around Huelva once you rent a car. Just as in many other countries, you need to have an internationally valid driver's license to rent a car in Spain.

You can book a car online as well as you can rent a car using the car rental counters at the airport after arriving in Seville. Once you rent a car, it is possible to reach Huelva easily by following the A-49 route from Seville. If you are not familiar with the routes in this area, you can get a navigation device to guide you.

Hotel Shuttle Services

If you are going to stay in a hotel during your trip to Huelva, you can also benefit from the hotel shuttle services to reach the city center from the airport. Hotels may provide this service free of charge at times, but they sometimes offer shuttle services at high prices, especially in overcrowded seasons. When booking your hotel, you can also get information about shuttle services at the airport and book your seat on a shuttle vehicle if available.

The outstanding advantage of hotel shuttle services compared to other transfer options is that they transport passengers from the airport to the hotel effortlessly without transferring to any other vehicle. Moreover, if you book a shuttle service for a round trip transfer option, you can also benefit from the reduced prices. If your hotel does not provide shuttle service or asks high prices for such a service, you can also take a look at the alternative transfer services you can take between the airport and Huelva.


There is no direct train line you can take from Seville Airport to Huelva. However, once you arrive at Seville city center from the airport, you can easily reach the train station, where you can transfer to a train to Huelva. The distance from Seville to Huelva is about 90 kilometers by train. Trains are quite comfortable here as in many cities in Europe. However, it is very difficult to say that the train is the most comfortable option taking into consideration the need for transfer from the airport to the station and the time you will spend waiting. If you want to spend time in Seville and explore the city before going to Huelva, you can surely enjoy this option.


If you would like to enjoy traveling to Huelva on a much more comfortable transfer vehicle with a chauffeur, you can also rent a limousine. Limousine prices in the city are a little bit lower than in other European cities. However, limousines could hardly be said to be an economical transfer option for transportation from the airport to the Huelva. If you would like to take advantage of luxury vehicles with a chauffeur, you can make an online search for the companies providing this service and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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