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About Heringsdorf

Heringsdorf, also known as Kaiserbad, is a small holiday town in the Western Pomerania region of Germany. The town is also referred to as the "Three Imperial Spas" because it was a popular holiday place regularly visited by the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

Even today, the beaches along the Baltic Sea make the region an important holiday destination for the visitors coming both from other parts of Germany and from abroad. The visitors from all ages enjoy the sea and the hot sun during summer months in the town which has become famous as Kaiserstrand, also known as "Imperial Beach", and in other beaches around the town.

Heringsdorf was the resting and recuperation area of German emperors in history; today, many visitors prefer here to recover health in and around the town, just like the emperors of the imperial period. The hotels usually serve spa tourism and they are especially swarmed by the visitors in the summer months.

The temperature is temperate throughout the year in and around the town. It is, however, far more ideal to visit Heringsdorf from spring to the late summer.  Heringsdorf Airport, which is located about 10 kilometers away from the city center, connects the town with other parts of Germany and the world.

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