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Heide and Büsum in the state of Schleswig – Holstein, which is located in the north of Germany, are two small towns which are about 18 kilometers away from each other. "Heide" means "bush" in German. It is presumed that the town was named this way since it was established in the midst of bushes and a church was built here many years ago.

The population of the town is a little more than 21 thousands according to the latest census. The people in Heide usually live off tourism and trade. The cute houses in the historic center of the town and the surrounding green areas are worth seeing. Almost the whole year is convenient for a visit to Heide, which a milder and warmer climate compared to other parts of Germany. However, if you want to visit the town and other surrounding historic sites in a warmer atmosphere, it can be much more convenient for you to come here in the late spring or summer months.

Among the top historic and tourist attractions worth seeing in Heide are the Water Tower built at the beginning of the 1900s and the Heinrich von Zipthen Monument which calls visitors among the lush trees outside the St. Jürgen Kirche, church of the town.

Büsum is a small fishing town located in this region. Büsum, which is situated on the North Sea coast, welcomes its visitors approximately 18 km southwest of Heide. The people in the town live off fishing and agriculture in the town, which had been called by different names such as Bivsne, Busin, Busen and Buzen throughout the history. Büsum is also considered as one of the important spa centers of the region thanks to its healing waters.

The High Street and its surroundings in the town attract visitors to the town with the shopping areas and stalls set up alongside the historical buildings. The competitions held in August set the stage for the exciting struggle of the fishermen in the town. If you travel the town during this period, you will witness the excitement of the enthusiastic crowd as well as the historic and peaceful atmosphere of the city.

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